How Not to Fail in Staffing

There are numerous reasons people fail in staffing…

To help you avoid becoming one of them, here are some examples of why.

how to succeed in staffingTemp Job Mentality

The most significant reason people fail in staffing is that they are not utilizing staffing agencies properly. There is a huge misconception that staffing agencies are temp agencies, when that is far from the truth. Temp agencies in the past have been somewhere that people can go to find temporary work or day jobs. A staffing agency's goal is to find people long term/temp-hire work. When you have someone that is just looking for temporary work, they will definitely fail at a staffing agency. These certain employees become unreliable and eventually burn their bridges.

Poor Communication

Another reason people fail in staffing is not giving proper notice when you no longer want the job or by just walking off the job. We know certain jobs aren’t for everyone and we do our best to pre-screen before-hand so that doesn’t happen but you never really know until you get there and actually start working.

When this happens, we ask that people follow proper procedures, which at YES is done by putting in 48 hour notice. When employees fail to do this it not only makes them look bad in our eyes but it makes us as a staffing agency look bad in the eyes of our customers. As does walking off the job. Like I said we make sure we do a very in-depth pre-screening process by giving you every detail of the job, so in my mind there should be absolutely NO reason for anyone to ever walk off a job. When this happens, depending on the circumstances, it could be reason to put the employee on a probation so they understand it is not acceptable. We do know that everyone makes mistakes and are always willing to give people second and even third chances, but after that it becomes apparent that it is no longer a healthy relationship and we might have to cut ties.


Lastly, we here at YES value our relationships with our employees and our clients. Starting from the president of our company down to the newest members of our team, we make sure that we are always ethical and honest. That being said sometimes we have employees that come in wanting a certain job and if that job is not available they ask if we can send them to another job until it becomes available, or they are currently on a job and see another job posted that they might like better and they want to quit that job so we can put them on another. We will not do this. We value every customer big or small and its bad business practice to send someone to a job and have the employer waste their time training that person when their intention is not to stay there.

In the same breath, we want people to improve themselves and their knowledge so if they do see another job that they think might be a better fit, and benefit them in the long run we are willing to give them the chance but you must give your notice on your current job before we will even think about starting any proceedings on the new job opportunity. We want to give everyone the chance to better themselves but it has to be done the right way, the honest and ethical way.

At YES, our goal is to find the best person for the job. We want to find the right job for people to help them succeed in their future, by finding them a place they can get hired on and grow with. Although they may not stay forever, it gives them good experience and hopefully if they stay long enough it will look great on a resume to help them with future employment opportunities.

Andrea Posell
Ogden Staffing Branch Manager
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Stuck in a Job That You Don’t Like?

Tips To Help If You're Stuck in a Job That You Don’t Like

stuck in a job you don't likeI have been working since I turned 16. There was just something about having my own money to buy what I wanted but mostly it was so I could help my single mom who had always taught me the value of a dollar. I witnessed her struggle on many occasions and wanted to do whatever I could to take away some of that burden.

I remember my first job was working as a bagger at Smith’s. I was so proud of myself and wanted to be the best worker ever, until they told me I had to work on Thanksgiving. “What? You want me to work on Thanksgiving? Aren’t we supposed to be closed and home with our families?!” This would be the first of my many realities of growing up and working in the real world and deciding there were a lot more disappointments being an adult than fun times.

I have not had a ton of jobs because I’ve always tried to stick it out as long as possible but believe me there were many times that I would say why am I still here and then realize, that’s right you have a car payment and adult responsibilities.

Job Advice: Stay or Go?

I definitely would say if you are stuck in a job that you do not like, you need to sit back and evaluate the situation. Figure out why it is that you are unhappy with your current situation before you do something irrational like just walking out that door. Is it really the job or is it you? Do you have a positive mind set, are you trying your hardest, being pro-active, efficient and productive? Sometimes changing your mindset can ultimately be the game changer.

Then there are those times that you have sat back and evaluated and the environment is just not for you or the job you are doing is just not for you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Although, again I will say, don’t be irrational and just walk out the door. Part of being an adult is being a responsible adult. That means you find something different before you just up and quit. Then do your research, to figure out which job it is that is going to make you happy, so you can stick around and grow. You want to find something where you can plant your feet and ultimately grow into a better you. I tell my employees all the time, I know that you probably won’t stay forever but if you can leave here better than when you came, I have done my job.

Don't Burn Bridges!

evaluate the situationAnd never ever burn bridges. Make sure you give your current employer notice so that they have adequate time to find a replacement. Although they may not be happy that you’re leaving, it’s a lot more understandable when you leave on good terms. Plus, it’s always nice to have great references.

Lastly, don’t ever stay somewhere that makes you totally miserable because you don’t like change. This does not help you physically or mentally. It can take years off of your life, and then ten years later when you’ve finally decided to move on but didn’t because you were scared, you suddenly realize all that you could’ve accomplished. Holding yourself back because you are scared is neither healthy nor productive. You only have one life to live so make it count by being responsible but smart, and most of all HAPPY!

Andrea Posell
Ogden Staffing Branch Manager
Your Employment Solutions

“I help Ogden, Utah jobseekers find work.”
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Improving Your Hiring Process

If you are a business leader, you are tasked with the important ongoing responsibility of hiring. This time-consuming process has both monetary and reputational consequences if you choose the wrong person. You need to take time to find a good fit for your company, but in order to do this you need a successful hiring process that attracts high-quality people.

Here are our tips on improving your hiring process:

Write good job descriptions

The way your job posting is written can discourage great candidates from applying. Sometimes companies write detailed descriptions with long lists of responsibilities and requirements, but this has been found to alienate qualified employees. Put more focus on what your company can do for potential employees and you'll attract the candidates who fit your needs.

Embrace social media and the digital world

Most people want to work for digitally savvy organizations. This means businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to retain and attract employees. Make sure your career site is mobile-friendly, as a large percentage of people use their smartphone for job searching.

Pay attention to soft skills

Skills can be acquired but personalities cannot. Soft skills like interpersonal skills, communication s kills, thought processes and emotional intelligence is essential for an effective workplace. Necessary experience is good, but social intelligence is also important.

Check social media profiles

You'll probably do a background check, but if you don't look through someone's social media profiles, you're missing out on valuable information. Don't let a candidate's social media activity factor into your hiring decisions, but it can definitely give you a better picture of who they are.

Match the personality to the job

A candidate's personality is important to consider. Someone who has empathy is more suited to be a nurse or social worker than a tax attorney or computer programmer. Even if someone has the skills for a job, it might not match their personality type.

Ask the right questions

Ask someone why they left their last job. If they blame someone else, follow up with another question. Good questions to ask are things like “Where are you going to be 10 years from now?” or “What drives you to get up in the morning?” These questions can tell you a lot about a candidate's drive and ambition.

My Favorite Staffing Experience

Making a Difference vs. Saving the World

I have been working in the staffing industry going on 13 years. It definitely wasn’t my dream or lifelong goal to work in the staffing industry. I had no intention in doing it as long as I have, but somewhere along the way I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s where I belong.

help others staffingThe staffing industry has so many ups and downs, sometimes you are busy and sometimes you are not. Sometimes you change someone’s life and sometimes you don’t and you walk away feeling totally defeated. I have definitely grown a ton in the last 13 years. I went from thinking I want to help everyone and make a difference but then came to the realization that I can only help the people that are willing to help themselves, the ones that want to change their lives and make it better. There are a ton of stories and experiences I remember. Some good and some not so good. But there has always been one story that made a huge impact and reminds me why I’m still here.

Once Upon a Time in Staffing…

About ten years ago there was a young kid that walked through the door of my previous employer. He was of smaller stature but acted like he was ten feet tall and very confident. I started his interview like I do all the others. Not too far into the interview that I found out he was in a halfway house. This was nothing new. We were known for being the staffing agency of second chances. Still, I had to wonder if this kid was serious about getting a job or if he was just there because he had to be.

Going through all the interview questions and getting to know him for that short time I realized what a great kid he was. He was very eager to work and to get out of the situation he was currently in. For the next week I kept him in mind for any jobs that came in that he qualified for. Needless to say he made an impression and I believed in him.

I finally found him a job, a very decent job for that matter, one that he could be proud of and with hard work and dedication could very well lead to growth in the company. He was so happy and grateful. After feeling accomplished in what I had done to help him, it faded away just like anything else. I had thought about him and how he was doing from time to time, but hadn’t heard from him for quite a while.

Time Passes

thank you cardThen one day I received a card at work specifically addressed to me. When I opened it, there was a big “Thank You” on the front of the card. I was very curious, so I opened it. Inside, in very tiny writing the entire card was filled up. It was from this employee, thanking me for what I had done for him. He wanted to let me know how big of an impact I had made on him, treating him like a person, and not judging him for the mistakes he had made. He told me that because I believed in him he was now out of the halfway house and had been hired on at the company I had sent him to.

It's the Little Things

I learned so much that day. Knowing never to judge a book by its cover and also that I didn’t have to save the world, I just needed to make a difference. It was then that I knew I was here for a reason. Stories like this are why I am still in the staffing industry today.

Andrea Posell
Ogden Staffing Branch Manager
Your Employment Solutions

“I help Ogden, Utah jobseekers find work.”
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Jobs in Ogden Utah

jobs in ogden utah

Your Employment Solutions is the Best Staffing Agency for Jobs in Ogden Utah

So you’re looking for jobs in Ogden Utah – and you’re not sure where to start. Well, in a recent unscientific, totally biased poll 10 out of 10 YES associates said the best place for jobs in Ogden is Your Employment Solutions.

What is Your Employment Solutions?

YES is a staffing agency that specializes in getting people to work right away. We serve a variety of industries, and have been in the business of helping people find work in Utah since 1995.

Why Ogden?

While Your Employment Solutions has been helping people get jobs in Ogden Utah for years, we opened our first stand-alone office in Ogden in 2012.

Ogden serves as the economic center for most of Northern Utah. There are a lot of fantastic businesses headquartered in Ogden, and a great population of people.

In 2013, Ogden ranked No. 16 on Forbes' list of the Best Places for Business and Careers. YES works with many important Ogden businesses with the mission of matching them with the right worker for their needs.

5 Reasons YES is Best For Jobs In Ogden Utah

Here are the top 5 reasons Your Employment Solutions is your best choice to find jobs in Ogden Utah.

1. Lots of Great Opportunities for Jobs in Ogden Utah!

As I mentioned, Your Employment Solutions works with many clients hiring for good jobs in Ogden Utah.  We hire for manufacturing jobs in Ogden Utah. We hire for office jobs in Ogden Utah. We hire for production jobs in Ogden Utah. We get new job orders to fill almost every day. That means we can offer you options and variety. At YES, you can apply to multiple jobs in Ogden all with a single application.

Not only that, but we have many different jobs for many different types of people: from stay-at-home moms to workers starting their first jobs. Even jobs for people whom have had difficulties in the past.

2. We Can Get You to Work FAST!

In most cases our application process is simple and efficient. Come in and within a short period of time you can interview with us for any one of job opportunities and sometimes have a job offer the very same day.

3. We Care About You.

YES you are important to us. We are in the people business, but we don’t treat people like a commodity. When you walk into our office we take our time with you to assure we get to know what would work best for your job situation.

4. We Have an AWESOME Team!

At YES we live by the philosophy that if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. We believe in work hard, play hard – and you’ll see that in smiles of the people who work at Your Employment Solutions. We have a fun, professional environment, a friendly atmosphere, and our goal in simple: to help you get the best Ogden Utah job available.

5. Super Accessible Ogden Location!

We’re located right at the entrance of the Ogden Business Depot. Our office is easy to get to with access from I-15 and just a quick shot down 12th street. We’re here Monday thru Friday during regular business hours (8AM to 5PM).

ogden utah jobs

Thanks for visiting the YES blog today. If you’re looking for Ogden employment, please come by our office or give us a call right now at 801-394-9377.

I invite you to discover for yourself why Your Employment Solutions is the best choice to find jobs in Ogden Utah!

Andrea Posell
Ogden Office Manager
Your Employment Solutions

“I help Ogden, Utah jobseekers find work.”

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