Be There! At Work, in Life!

Be there. Be in the moment of your life. Don’t let the little screen get in the way.

be there utah staffingHow many of you have gone out to eat with friends or family and at some point realized that every single person was on their phone

Between Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so many other apps, do we ever have time to just hang out with people like we used to?

I know this is a big issue now days with all the social media, especially with the younger generation, but I wanted to address this issue in the workplace with adults. Not that it is necessarily an issue here at YES, but something that I feel we can all work on.

We are all adults and most of us do have work to go to. Yes, work can be awful for some people while others really enjoy it. Even if you do have a hard job that you don’t like so much, there are still good things that happen in your day right? I have found that I will sometimes miss a funny moment or miss becoming part of an “inside joke” when my coworkers are talking, all because I just had to check Instagram. When I do this, I am cutting myself off from my coworkers and doing so will eventually put a strain on the relationships at work.

That is no good!

Sometimes I will be interviewing a candidate and their eyes literally never come off their phone. When I ask them to please put their phone away during the interview they either get shy and embarrassed or almost act offended.

When did it become okay to be on your phone when you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone let alone an interview??

This kind of behavior has to stop! We have to learn to be IN the moment again! Not only will it make our lives more fun, but also it is also respectful to give someone your full attention. Surely that’s not too much to ask for right?

be present in the workplaceMy advice is to just be there. Be in the moment of your life. Don’t let the little screen get in the way of the big important REAL things of life. Of course it’s fine and fun to check out social media every once in a while but don’t let it take away from your time at work! If it’s “slow,” start up a good conversation with your neighbor, tell a story, give suggestions, do something, just BE THERE. Don’t sit there in silence staring at your phone screen wishing you were somewhere else!

Life is hard, but there is some good in everyday and it’s up to us to recognize it.

Mae-Lynn Kariya
Account Manager | West Valley City, Utah Office
Your Employment Solutions

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The Mindset Cycle

How A Good Day At Work Goes A Long Way Everywhere Else

I started this job at the end of March and then got married in May. While it’s been the best adventure with a lot of new changes in my life, I’ve learned countless things while being married and working at YES. One of the biggest things I had to learn was that now more than ever, my attitude didn’t just affect me anymore but also my husband and coworkers.

mindsetLet me explain.

Some days I would come home and be so happy! I was fun and pleasant to be around. Other days however, I could feel myself be grumpy or feel frustrated from a hard day at work. I noticed the toll it was taking on my husband and I. I recognized a pattern: When I have good days at work I have good days at home.

I took a class called “Balancing Work and Family.” In it we discussed how the way your workday plays out will greatly influence the rest of your day. For me, work is first. School, working out, making dinner, etc. all comes after work. How can I expect to have a good attitude at home when it was poor at work?

It generally is easy for me to have a positive attitude because the people I work with here at YES are amazing. We all get along so well and each bring something different to the table. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a bad day. I used to let my bad days carry over to my home life, affecting my work outs, my homework, my eating habits, everything. So I decided to change my attitude.

Having a bad day at work is no excuse to make my fellow coworkers or my husband suffer through putting up with me. I changed my mindset to be positive because when I have a good attitude (even through a less than ideal day at work) then I have a positive attitude at home. When I have a positive attitude at home, then I come to work with a positive attitude and the cycle continues.

positive mindsetFor some, making this change could be harder than others. Maybe you don’t like your job or maybe you don’t like your fellow employees. All of these reasons make it easy to have a bad attitude. But why should you let that affect your entire day or sometimes even your life? You are in control of your attitude and that will never change.

If you have a negative mindset, change it. Just like that. Think about all the good in your life, after all at least you have a job and are working hard to provide for yourself.

Most of us already spend most of our time at work anyways so we might as well get the best, positive experience from it that we can. Being happy and friendly will create a better relationship with your fellow colleagues and that happiness will carry over to your home life. And who doesn’t want a happy home life? If you find yourself struggling with this, I encourage you to try the change.

It will make you so much happier! I am a witness.

Mae-Lynn Kariya
Account Manager | North Salt Lake, Utah Office
Your Employment Solutions

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