The Role Trust Plays in Staffing

The Role Trust Plays in Staffing and With Clients

Trust is what binds both the staffing agency and client. Somewhere in the middle are the employees that help forge that bond. In the world of staffing trust plays a crucial part not only with the clients but with the employees as well.

Employee Trust

employee trustWhen we interview candidates they are trusting that we are doing the absolute best to help them find something. As staffing professional we need to always make sure that we are focused on what their needs are, what they’ve done, and what they are looking for. If we don’t show interest and aren’t engaged trust can be broken. Not only does this hurt the employee it hurts future candidates. Many people find out about our staffing agency via word-of-mouth marketing, or our employees referring friends and family. We’ve heard it so many times in the industry that jobseekers come to YES because they are treated differently. We have various on-site locations to help service a specific client. There are other staffing agencies that also help work with these clients. It’s such a nice reminder when applicants come in letting us know how well we treat them as opposed to other agencies. When someone is told they do something well it drives them to do even better.

Client Trust

Building trust with clients is very hard to do. Even when you gain that trust you have to continue to build it and cultivate it. Clients are ever changing. They change Managers and Supervisors on a regular basis and even the promises or expectations that were given when an account is set up can be lost because of HR roles or changes in the organization. It has been said that trust is hard to gain and easy to lose. Clients trust that staffing agencies are fulfilling their needs. These needs are not only filling any open position with the correct person. It’s making sure that the employee has complete credentialing done before they step into the building. This includes making sure that the employee passes drug tests, E Verify and even their background matrix. Making sure that it’s the right employee for the job takes a lot of trust.

trust staffingIt’s ultimately the employees that are making the employers the money. They are a key role in building and sustaining the business. A lot of the time we pride ourselves in not just staffing clients with employees but being a useful resource to them. This in return helps build trust between the agency and the client. It shows that we genuinely care about their success.

Trust is what binds us and if that’s broken then the system is broken. Rebuilding is much harder then sustaining. I love what I do and I love that I can grow with these employees and clients. Trusting employees is hard to do in the industry. We get burnt with a lot of empty promises. When we see trust carry out and it pay dividends it’s what makes what we do so worth it.

Brigham Yates
Director of Client Relations
Your Employment Solutions

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Nurturing a Synergistic Relationship

Nurturing a synergistic relationship linking our clients and suppliers needs to our internal staffing operations.

Finding out the needs of our clients can sometimes be a tough task. In the staffing world we interact with them so much that at times we feel we are satisfying all their needs. Every week we deliver payroll and almost each day we have constant communication, be it over the phone or through e-mail.

synergistic relationshipsIn order to link what our clients need with what we do internally, we should to do more than stop by and say hi, send an e-mail or even call. We need to extend a date where we can meet face to face. This means setting up an actual time and sticking to that time with the client. All our clients are busy and have a lot on their plate. We need to keep that in mind and reassure them that if we say we’ll only meet with them for 30 minutes, then that’s what we will do.

In my personal life when I go on dates with my wife, I really try hard to make it as formal as possible. That means leaving the cell phone in my pocket and giving her my undivided attention. It means more and a lot more can come out of the date if we make it more than just a casual get-together. The same goes for casual and formal meetings with our clients. When we make a formal visit with our clients, the main purpose should be finding out their pains and how we can help resolve any issues. It also means that we work together on making any process better.

When we sit down with either the HR manager, operations manager or supervisors, we need to try and clean up any current process and find out where we can help. We also need to be honest and let them know if we are seeing something that they could possibly fix or change. We need to do our best in making it the best possible synergistic relationship we can.

After visiting and making a strategic partnership, we need to get help from our co-workers and come up with solutions to fix any issues that were discussed. It would be helpful to send the client a summary of what was discussed with any given dates that were talked about and any deadlines. The most important part is always following up with the client. We need to make sure that we follow up with them regardless of if we were able to resolve the issue or not. This not only shows that we care but that we paid attention to what was talked about.

Even the small things are important. By doing these things it will always better nurture a better relationship with our clients in staffing.

Brigham Yates
Director of Client Relations
Your Employment Solutions

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Strengthening Client Relationships

Core Values in Client Relationships

business is built on relationships
Relationships come in various different forms. We all have different types of relationships with our significant others, kids, friends and family. In the staffing world we have relationships with our clients. I have always tried to follow core values to better develop my relationship with our clients.


communcationCommunication is a big part of any relationship. It is one of the most vital pieces in building them. Our clients appreciate when we keep them informed and they depend on it. We really try to communicate to them before they get the chance to ask. With everything I’ve done in life, I really try hard putting myself in the shoes of those I have interactions with. This can be tough and sometimes difficult. If we can try and put ourselves in the client’s shoes, then the majority of the time we’ll beat our clients to asking how the progress is going with a given project or task. Everyone likes being updated before having to ask for an update. It tells them that you care and that you’re thinking about them.


honestyAnother core value I’ve always lived by is being honest. YES has always had the saying, “Delivering on time, the first time”. If we are honest with our clients, it will always go a long way. As individuals we find it refreshing to hear when others claim their faults. By declaring we aren’t perfect, it helps us to relate that we are all human and make mistakes. Being honest will always build trust. The more we can help our clients worry less, it will build that necessary trust and respect. Freedom from worry builds trust. If you can be honest and communicate effectively, then it will help strengthen any form of relationship whether it being at home or in the workplace.

Brigham Yates
Director of Client Relations
Your Employment Solutions

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Lessons Learned | Serving Clients in Staffing

Do It Right the First Time!

When we first bought Your Employment Solutions (YES) back in 1999 I was attending school at the University of Utah. I clearly remember receiving a call from Reed while I was in class informing me that our largest client was doing some layoffs as business had slowed down. I remember a panic come over me thinking this might just be the end.

Admittedly, I didn’t understand the staffing industry all that well being so new to the industry. The constant changing in job orders, the hiring and the laying off of employees as clients' businesses grow and retract. It felt like nothing was forever.

It was time to figure out who we were and what our mission/strategy was going to be.

Because of this early lesson, I knew there were some basic principles in terms of client relationships that would apply in the staffing world.

client relationshipsThe Client Comes First

To me first and foremost – It is easier to retain a client than to land a new client or try to reclaim a client that YES had lost.

Every effort should be given to make the client happy and to make sure they are getting what is expected. If the client is lost due to poor service, communication, or quality–chances are they will not be returning.

Your Employment Solutions is in business to assist their clients specifically in hiring the right person at the right time. Honest and open communication is key. Expectations are made and plans are created through a staffing company’s communication and their ability to follow through with what is promised. Because staffing companies live in a world of constant change with people/potential employees, prompt and frequent communication in required between staffing company and client.

For example, if the client is expecting 10 people to show for work the next day and I have only retained 5. There will be a lot of scrambling and the orders planned to be fulfilled might not happen because of the expectation created. By letting the client know that only 5 are prepared, adjustments can be made to make sure the orders can be fulfilled.

YES is there to help our client succeed.

Maybe my parents were on to something when they said, “Do it right the first time.”

Kerry Westenskow
Vice President
Your Employment Solutions

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Focus and Concentration

What Are We Paying Attention To These Days?


Over the past couple of weeks and months I have been involved in various meetings and experiences where the topic of focus/concentration has come to the forefront. It has stirred in me some thoughts and forced me to consider my own ability to give of myself and truly focus on other people.

We are so constantly inundated with new technology, social media posts, information overload, and a long list of “to do’s” in life that it is a challenge to concentrate or focus on about anything.

I had an experience when I was talking with a co-worker and during our conversation I found myself leaning over to my computer and working on a spreadsheet while I was listening to them or pretending to do so.

How rude and inconsiderate! During that short time I couldn't give my full attention and truly listen to their needs and wants. What did I miss or miss out on because I didn’t listen or give priority to our conversation?

In all we do we will be far more productive and caring with a little focus/concentration. From staffing, to hobbies, to school, or our relationships with people; if we will develop the skill of focus and concentration we will be far better off.

Staffing is the people business. Individuals expect and deserve specific attention/focus when we try to help them find a job. Employees and co-workers will feel our care and concern for them, and in return will be better at what they do.

I have learned that life will be fuller and more rewarding when I take the time to give all my attention to whatever person or activity I am engaged with.

Sometimes multi-tasking isn’t really all that great of a skill-set.

Kerry Westenskow
Vice President
Your Employment Solutions

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Just Get Me More Employees!

YES, just get me more employees!

employee retainmentThis is a common theme we have heard so much lately. Every client we work with at Your Employment Solutions is begging for more people to fill open positions.

Recently, I listened to a Utah economist speak about this topic. Utah has the 2nd fastest growing economy in the nation and is currently down to 3.4% unemployment. The available pool of qualified employees is extremely tight and employers are competing for the available workers.

Your Employment Solutions (YES) utilizes as many resources as possible, online and offline, such as newspapers, job boards, job listing sites, Utah Department of Workforce services, Facebook, social media, and many others to find/attract potential employees to fill these open positions.

But, this is only half of the equation.

Once we have found an employee that wants to work with us, what are we doing to retain that employee and the current employees we already have?

This may be the bigger and more relevant question. These employees are already there and trained. It is vital to hang on to what we have. Employers can’t afford to lose the most precious and vital resource of its business. Not only is it expensive to start all over, but also the availability of the worker is not so readily available.

Why do Employees Choose to Stay or Leave?

A couple years ago YES did a survey of why employees stay at their job. The top three reasons we found of why employees stick around were:

  1. Work Environment
  2. Level of Job Responsibility
  3. Employee Benefits

What YES Does to Retain Great Employees

At YES we have worked very hard to create an environment that will attract and retain talent. We make a point to thank and recognize our employees for the work they do in the office and to support and encourage them for their interests outside of work.

yes employee party

A happy workplace is a productive workplace.

YES has also created a committee from the employees with responsibility for the culture of the office. They have their own budget and are in charge of birthdays, lunches, treats, potlucks and other small celebrations for goals hit and various competitions we have internally. A little effort in the happiness of its employees has allowed YES to assemble the best recruiters and account managers around.

You might have heard the phrase, “Wage attracts but environment retains.

At this time in Utah we have to make sure we are doing all we can to retain the talent we currently have, or else plan on joining the rat race for quality workers like everyone else.

Kerry Westenskow
Vice President
Your Employment Solutions

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