Dress to Impress

Tips on Presenting Your Best Self in a Job Interview

job interview tipsIt is important to always make a great first impression in an interview because the way you dress will be the first thing an interviewer will notice when you arrive. We know and understand that we all go through very hard times, but in most cases, you don’t want to show that in your interview.

People always say never judge a book by its cover, but in reality, we all do it unconsciously. When a person first walks into a room the first thing they notice is your appearance, so it is important to dress the way you want to represent yourself to others.

Wearing Confidence

There is time where life can be unpredictable before an appointment or just before work. We've all had things go wrong in the worst moment. When unpredictable things happen before an interview and you do not feel your best, always keep calm and poised. Try and keep a positive attitude and be confident with every answer you provide to the interviewer. Don’t go into too much detail about what happened, because it can come across an excuse or make it seem like you do not deal with stress very well.

Showing signs of being stressed out and overwhelmed with a difficult situation can come across as weakness and some positions require you to handle stressful situations and multi-tasking which could lead to you not doing well in the interview. In turn, this could give a bad impression to the interviewer and make it seem like you may not be a good fit for the job.

Dress to Impress Do’s

You want to be casual and clean cut, you don’t necessarily have to wear anything fancy. The general idea is to make sure you bathe, wear deodorant, make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh. You don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that you have bad hygiene.

You want to look as professional as possible.

Men: Wear a nice clean dress shirt with a tie and nice set of khakis. Clean dress shoes. Make sure that you shaved or trimmed the beard. Remove earrings and any other visible piercings.

Ladies: When wearing dresses or skirts make sure they are no more than 4 fingers above your knees. If wearing a button up shirt make sure that you are not missing any buttons. Wear make-up that would look natural, if painting nails wear neutral colors. For jewelry just keep it plain and simple.

Dress to Impress Dont’sinterview dress tips

Please do not (and I repeat do not) wear the following:

  • Sweats pants
  • Pajamas
  • Ripped clothes
  • Flip-flops
  • Too much perfume/cologne

Make sure there aren’t any stains on your clothes or any missing buttons. Do not wear revealing outfits. No shorts or skirts that are too short. It is unprofessional and it would send the wrong message to the interviewer. Remember that too much jewelry and make-up, plus visible tattoos as well as piercings look unprofessional.

First Impressions Matter

Remember the first impression is something that matters the most. Just keep it nice and simple. Make sure that you’re clean from head to toe. Even if it’s an entry-level job you want to dress nice because the ultimate goal is to impress the interviewer. Dressing up for an interview is just as important as having a strong resume. Both are reflections of you. Having both and being prepared will show how great of a candidate you will be for the position.

Angelica Vazquez
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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What I Look for in Candidates When Making a Staffing Hire

What You Need to Get Hired at a Staffing Agency

get hired today!No single position is like every position and no individual candidate is like any other candidate. Therefore, it becomes important to understand that the evaluation of an employee is just as important as knowing what type of positions you have to fill. The staffing industry does not exist without good workers that are willing to do a job and do a job well. The trick that is given to each staffing agency is finding that match between qualified candidate and quality position for each individual and company.

This is my guide to find out one side of that equation. What do I look for in a candidate when looking to make a hire?

First Impression

First impression is always the first thing that all humans observe. We believe that we learn all we need to know about a person within the first 7 seconds of meeting them. Therefore, it is important to put on a good attire and present yourself in the manner you want to be view. Also is this appearance match the type of position/pay you are looking for. As recruiters we feel you must manifest in your presentation where you would like to end up.

Communication, Confidence, and More

After presentation we continue on an observation and self-awareness standpoint. How an individual communicates is vital to matching them to the job that will be ideal for their situation and the client’s specific needs. It then becomes necessary for the candidate to be able to sell his/her skills to me. Each individual must be as sold on themselves as an employee as they would want an employer to feel. Don’t mistake confidence and a surety in one’s abilities for cockiness or a boastful attitude. This can also be interpreted as a go-getter attitude. Employers will always be more excited about a candidate that is interested, involved, and shows a dedicated personality.

Staffers and Employers always notice the little things; Does this person drag their feet? Do they pay attention? Do they make eye contact? Do they ask questions? These are things can force an employer to choose one candidate over another.

The Most Important Skill

dependability skillFinally, there is one quality that I look at almost more than any other quality when making a staffing hire, dependability. Dependability is the quality of being able to be counted on or relied upon. This is when you do things that you say you are going to do and you keep promises.

When I look at a resume that shows an individual jumping from job to job within a short amount of time without clear explanation, I immediately assume that there is a reason for that, and they can’t be depended on to stay at a job for any length of time. When a person has a history of being late or absent, that will be how I view them in the future. But if someone is dependable above all else, I will feel much more inclined to make sure that they are matched with a good company. Each employee is an extension of our company and therefore is a representation of Your Employment Solution’s product and employees. Skills can be learned and developed, but dependability is an intangible that people either have or don’t have. I consider that to be the #1 most important quality for every possible new hire to have and display.

People are imperfect and so it becomes difficult to have a perfect equation on how to match each individual with the perfect job. However, these are the things I feel will allow me to do so with a much higher probability of success and accuracy. It is my hope that each candidate will value these qualities in order to show their personal value as an employee.

Logan Laws
Branch Manager | North Salt Lake Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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How To Improve Your Next Interview

How To (and How Not To) Nail Your Next Job Interview

Have you ever been to a interview and come out feeling like you were missing something or that maybe it could have gone just a little bit better? Or maybe you feel a little under-qualified for a specific position, but would just die for that particular job?

If so, there may be a few tips and tricks to help improve your chances of landing your next job.

job interview tipsInterview Tip 1 | Dress

First off, you most definitely DO NOT want to show up in pajamas, basketball shorts or just your typical day-to-day clothing, but you also don’t need to rent a new tux and shine your shoes for each and every interview. Studies have shown that over-dressing can sometimes be just as harmful as under-dressing.

Where is the balance? Dressing just one step nicer then the actual job your applying for is going to be your best bet. For example, if you were about to interview for a mechanics position, you would be just fine to show up in some nice khaki pants and a polo shirt. It shows that you’re confident, and respectable by putting in the extra effort, but not that you’re overcompensating or trying too hard to impress.

Employers are looking more for confidence, then fashion, unless of course you’re applying for a high fashion magazine, or modeling firm. If so, you’re on your own, good luck.

Interview Tip 2 | Punctuality

BE ON TIME! 3 minutes before your scheduled interview is not on time. Plan to be between 10 and 15 minutes early. No earlier, no later.

job interview tipsInterview Tip 3 | First Impression

Whether you like it or not, the employer will most likely have made his decision if he will give you the time of day within the first 30 – 60 seconds of meeting you and starting the interview. Practice what you would imagine they will say beforehand so you’re not caught thinking of what to say. Remember, confidence is key.

Some of the easiest things to remember are called power statements. A power statement is a brief memorized answer to particular questions that are common in interviews such as; “Why should we hire you over the next guy?” or “What do you have to offer our company?” or finally “What are your greatest strengths and your greatest weaknesses?”

Quick and powerful answers to simple questions like these are what will put you over the top in your interviews. Practicing in front of the mirror is one of the most awkward but effective ways to accomplish this. At first it will seem strange but once your throw out a couple power statements in your interview the results will speak for themselves when you snag that dream job you have been waiting for all your life, or simply when you don’t make yourself look like a fool by sitting there with your mouth open thinking to yourself about what you should say while the interviewer is thinking NEXT!

job interview tipsInterview Tip 4 | Personality

Be interested and sincere with everyone you come in contact with but don’t push the personal bounds. Try to pay attention to things they are talking about, and go along with them let them know that you are easy to talk to and easy to get along with. Let them know that you are interested but not trying to pry into their lives.

Jokes will go a long way both negatively and positively. If a joke comes out naturally and it is in context, they can be great. Especially if it comes out right and both you and the employer laugh. It can also be devastating if it is awkward or forced. Don’t focus on trying to be a comedian. If it comes natural let it happen, if not, don’t try to make it happen. Forced jokes are the worst type.

job interview tipsInterview Tip 5 | Resumes

There are many different types of resumes believe it or not. Resumes are the easiest way for an employer to see what you’re made of.

The best resume that you could bring to an interview or one you would send for a specific job would be a targeted resume. A targeted resume is short and sweet and only contains information that the employer wants to see. If you are applying for a welding job, try not to include all the sewing experience you have or the last job you had at a bakery for a month. Include jobs related to the specific job; include traits or skills that you possess that would benefit that employer or company. Let them know that you are the best person for the job.

Short resumes are best, try to fit all the important and most impressive info on one page that is easy to read and understand if glanced over quickly. The average employer will spend no more then 6.5 seconds (Forbes) on a resume before he or she decides whether or not they are a good fit. Like I said, try to keep it short and sweet. This is where some of those power statements mentioned earlier can really make a difference.

job interview tipsInterview Tip 6 | Follow-up

Just because the interview is over doesn’t mean that you are out of luck. Most employers are looking for someone who is willing put in the extra effort. After you have dressed nice, brought in a great targeted resume, spoke like you were a professional spokesman, and left them with a lasting positive impression and you feel like you have done all that you could, you ask how could you possibly do more? Well there is one last thing you can do.

Follow up.

Following up is one of the most effective ways for a second chance or reconsideration. While you are finishing up the interview make sure that you set a day and time that they will let you know yes or no by, or tell them that you will call them back by a certain date. Then actually commit to it. Odds are that there are going to be plenty of interviews and resumes that the employer will have to look through or try to remember. Calling back will allow you to get that extra chance that all those other resumes sitting in the pile will most likely never get.

These are just a few simple but effective tips that have been very successful and will hopefully allow you to dominate your next job interview. If you remember anything from this post, just remember these few things;

  1. Dress nice but not too nice.
  2. Be on time.
  3. Prepare power statements and show confidence.
  4. Be yourself.
  5. Use short and direct resumes.
  6. Last but not least, always follow up.

Good luck!

Jesse Ivie
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah
Your Employment Solutions

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How to Interview at Our Staffing Agency

How To Interview at Your Employment Solutions: Utah's Best Staffing Agency

Interviewing with a staffing agency like Your Employment Solutions isn’t that different from interviewing for a job with any other kind of company, but most people will still have their own opinions. Sure, you might not know what to expect, or what kind of jobs the staffing agency may have available, but you can still go in somewhat prepared and have an open mind.

There are some mistakes that stand out to me when interviewing a new applicant, so I wanted to share them, and hopefully encourage people to not make these common mistakes.

interview mistakesStaffing Agency Interview Mistakes

I see a lot people not wanting to fill out the application, let alone interview right after. You should want to interview with us to tell us your skills, show confidence and tell us what you're looking for, which isn’t always easy to gauge on paper. It’s also a chance for us to see how determined you are and lets us get to know you on a personal level as well as professional.

Another common mistake I see is trying to rush through paperwork we give to you to read. When we give you something to read, it’s usually for a client of ours and it’s to inform you of their rules, practices and attendance policies. If you read this paperwork in front of us, slowly, it lets us know that you are serious about finding and keeping a job. If you don’t, it makes us question your dependability and we might withdraw the potential job offer.

Staffing Agency Interview Advice

Here are some helpful tips for visiting an agency.

interview adviceBefore, know what you want from a job, if you are open to anything and looking for new experiences, please say that, and not just, “I don’t know, what do you have to offer?”

Dress appropriately, I’m not saying dress to impress, but please don’t come in pajama bottoms. If you can leave your kids at home, please do so. It makes the process much easier for both parties.

And last, but not least, bring in a resume. Try to include your most recent employers, for how long you were on those jobs and the duties of those jobs.

While you’re at the agency and if it’s your first time applying, ask for an application and fill it all out. Not completing all of the application makes us wonder if you handle such tasks, which can translate onto a job.

Once you sit down with a recruiter (which I’m sure you shook their hand already and made eye contact) politely hand them your resume.

Another tip is to ask questions and ask questions some more. If you don’t understand something, or something doesn’t make sense, ask. That’s what we’re here for because we all love helping people. This lets us know that you are serious about finding and keeping a job, which in return works in your favor because of the job we might, or might not offer you.

Staffing Agency Post-Interview Tips

If you leave our agency with a job, call us and let us know how you feel about it. We love thank you's. It’s always nice to hear the good we are able to bring people.

Another favor you could do for us, which it may not seem like a favor, is to recommend us to your friends, relatives, or others you might know — assuming, of course, you feel we did a good job and you trust us enough to help out other job seekers.

I hope this helps anyone searching to gain employment with a staffing agency.

Kenneth Vanderburg
Account Manager | North Salt Lake, Utah Office
Your Employment Solutions

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4 Helpful Tips for Job Interviews

Job Interview Coming Up? Here are 4 Basic Tips to Help!

Impressing a potential employer is not rocket science. In fact, it can be quite simple if you know how to prepare for a job interview. Below are four easy yet very important tips to consider for a job interview. If you apply these tips, you will change many of your “failed” job interviews to brilliant success stories. Take some serious action and be that special candidate that each employer will want to hire!

1. Dress to Impress

Would you hire someone that was dressed in pajamas for your interview? If your answer is YES, then you may want to rethink a few things! Attending a job interview with an unprofessional appearance will normally get you a response like, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you!”

job interview tip dress to impress

Instead, dress to impress! Wear a skirt, tie, dress shirt/pants, nice shoes, and for heaven’s sake, please do your hair!

Taking the time to look good will certainly show your employers you are serious about the opportunity at hand.

2. Personal Hygiene Best Practices

Time to take a shower! Dressing well for an interview will still get you a one way ticket to “no where” if you attend smelling like your dirty socks. Personal hygiene is just as important (if not, a little more) as professional appearance. Why? Future employers will over look that Armani suit if you have crap in your teeth, reek of sweat, or even cigarette smoke.

So, make sure that your professional appearance includes a nice shower and brushed teeth to really impress during an interview!

3. Bring a Resume!

Do you realize how helpful it is for employers when you come prepared with a professional resume in hand? Even if you fill out a general application, most employers would still like to see a resume.

It’s much easier to review your experience on a resume compared to an application. Help your future employers make the very best decision they can by having a resume ready for them to review.

4. Job Interview Manners Matter

Remember when your mother used to say, “You should always mind your manners when you are a guest in someone else’s home?”

job interview tips mind your manners

Same rules apply to interviews!

You are considered a guest when a company invites you into their place of business. As a guest, you should always use your best manners.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have a smile on your face!
  • Only talk when the time is yours.
  • Do not interrupt.
  • When you have questions, be sure to ask nicely.

Remember, you are the one needing a job, so use your best manners.

Now that you know how to improve, it’s time to get busy! If you are serious about finding a good job, start preparing your resume. Having it on hand will prevent last minute battles with the computer and give you more time to prepare for each interview.

Also, let’s not forget to practice! Ask friends and family to conduct interviews with you to help ease your nerves. Getting some practice in will only make you better prepared for what’s to come.

Enjoy and good luck on your next job interview!

Catherine Bryan
Your Employment Solutions

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Using Probing Questions in a Job Interview

When Doing a Job Interview Remember to Dig Deep!

At Your Employment Solutions we hire for a wide variety of jobs on any given day. Our mission is to deliver the right people, on time, the first time. To fulfill that mission at YES we talk to a lot of job candidates, which means we do a lot of job interviews.

When it comes to filling jobs in Utah, or any type of employment – it’s important to remember that one size does not fit all. That holds true when it comes to job candidates and it also holds true with regards to the actual job interview. Every job is different, as such the skills and requirements needed will vary.

job interview

So as you’re asking job interview questions, be sure to PROBE! Probing questions are very important when finding the right person. Using situational questions and also digging deep to find out what the candidate is really like is key.

Here are some sample probing questions you can use in a job interview:

Work Experience

It's important to discover how many years a candidate has worked, and what type of consistency the candidate has shown.

  • “What job do you think you have learned the most or have enjoyed the most and why?”
  • “What have been your strengths and weaknesses at your previous jobs?”
  • “If I called your previous employer what kind of feedback would I get back from them?”
  • “How long were you at this position, what was the reason for leaving, what were your likes and dislikes with the positions you left?”

Go over a few of the jobs with them to see if there is a pattern with why they left, why things didn’t last, or with the strengths and weakness, also what they think their employer feedback will be.

What Jobs are Candidates NOT Willing to Take?

  • “What do you see yourself doing in the future?
  • “Why would you settle for something not like that as of right now?”



Is the candidate nice, chatty, shy, aggressive, etc?

  • “Tell me why your personality has helped you with your past jobs.”
  • “Tell me about a specific instance where your attitude made a difference in your work/company?



What is it that drives the candidate to work?

  • “What in your life situation drives you to find a job, keep a job and also progress in a job?”
  • “When walking into a job, what are you goals when you get a specific job?”



You want to discover the candidate's experience with delegating, managing appointments, and personal issues.

  • “Tell me about a time where something came up and you didn’t think going to work was an option, how did you handle the situation, did you end up making it to work?”


Additional Job Interview Notes

Also, while you do the job interview, be sure to take notes on the following subjects which are important to know in some temporary staffing situations:

  • Attitude (nice, chatty, shy, aggressive)?
  • Transportation (car, bike, bus)?
  • Commute (where willing to drive/radius)?
  • Any time off needs (babysitter, school)?
  • Long-term/Temp?
  • Pay rate range?
  • Education/Certifications/Additional Skills?

What type of questions do you think are important to ask in a job interview? Leave a comment and let me know!

Jarum Stone
Operations Manager
Your Employment Solutions

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job interview