How to Last on a New Job

Tips to Give You a Solid Foundation to Excel at Your New Job

Just recently I witnessed my son go through soccer tryouts at high school. He is currently a sophomore and desperately wanted to make the team. Before tryouts I have watched him in awe do the little things that make all the difference to have his game ready. He practices daily on his own dribbling, juggling, shooting and fitness to make sure he and his game are in shape. During the week of tryouts, there were several nights of workouts, stress, and wondering if he had done enough to make the team.

So, it is with us when we want a particular job. We do the little things to be prepared and have the experience for the job we want. We will research, network, prepare a resume, and practice our interviewing skills. Finally, if all goes well, we get word we have done enough to make the team or land the job.

But then is it over? We can now surely rest and relax? Right?

Nope! Now the work really begins. There are so many things to learn. We need to learn new processes, assimilate into a new culture, progress and continue to work hard.

how to last on the jobLet’s talk about a couple common pitfalls I see happen once the job is finally landed. My goal is to help you make your time on the job last.

Job Pitfall 1: Time is a Dangerous Comforter.

Don’t allow yourself to get complacent. Just because we have held the job for a while doesn’t mean we don’t have to continue to do the little things. Remember a career is a marathon and not a sprint.

For example – attendance. I see many people for the first month or so of a new job have good attendance, but once time sets in magically every excuse you have heard of is presented on why those same people can’t get to work on time. Punctuality is a basic attribute for any job. It shows reliability. It shows you are a person that can be counted on. It seems so simple, but conversely if we are not on time our employers start to question other aspects of our job. Why would we want to have such a little thing put a chink in our new armor?

Job Pitfall 2: Thinking You Know it All

If you ask a question will it make you vulnerable/less proficient? Will it weaken your position with the company because it shows you don’t know what you're doing?

No one knows everything. We all need the help of others at some time. I believe in asking appropriate questions and then learning from them. That said, try to not ask the same question over and over again. Show you are listening and learning. This will show you are looking to improve, do the job right, and complete the job in a timely manner. Don’t get me wrong there are times we need to slow down and think through a process to learn it, but don’t allow pride to supersede the ability to do the job timely and right.

Any athlete will tell you that to improve you need to perfect the basics of a sport. This provides a solid foundation that will allow you to take your game to the next level and excel. But even when you make it, you can't just sit back and drop into cruise control. You want to stay disciplined. So is the same with then new job you just landed.

Don’t overlook the basics – work hard, show up on time and do not let your pride stand in the way of progress. This will give you a solid foundation to excel at your new job.

Kerry Westenskow
Your Employment Solutions

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Dress to Impress

Tips on Presenting Your Best Self in a Job Interview

job interview tipsIt is important to always make a great first impression in an interview because the way you dress will be the first thing an interviewer will notice when you arrive. We know and understand that we all go through very hard times, but in most cases, you don’t want to show that in your interview.

People always say never judge a book by its cover, but in reality, we all do it unconsciously. When a person first walks into a room the first thing they notice is your appearance, so it is important to dress the way you want to represent yourself to others.

Wearing Confidence

There is time where life can be unpredictable before an appointment or just before work. We've all had things go wrong in the worst moment. When unpredictable things happen before an interview and you do not feel your best, always keep calm and poised. Try and keep a positive attitude and be confident with every answer you provide to the interviewer. Don’t go into too much detail about what happened, because it can come across an excuse or make it seem like you do not deal with stress very well.

Showing signs of being stressed out and overwhelmed with a difficult situation can come across as weakness and some positions require you to handle stressful situations and multi-tasking which could lead to you not doing well in the interview. In turn, this could give a bad impression to the interviewer and make it seem like you may not be a good fit for the job.

Dress to Impress Do’s

You want to be casual and clean cut, you don’t necessarily have to wear anything fancy. The general idea is to make sure you bathe, wear deodorant, make sure your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh. You don’t want to give the interviewer the impression that you have bad hygiene.

You want to look as professional as possible.

Men: Wear a nice clean dress shirt with a tie and nice set of khakis. Clean dress shoes. Make sure that you shaved or trimmed the beard. Remove earrings and any other visible piercings.

Ladies: When wearing dresses or skirts make sure they are no more than 4 fingers above your knees. If wearing a button up shirt make sure that you are not missing any buttons. Wear make-up that would look natural, if painting nails wear neutral colors. For jewelry just keep it plain and simple.

Dress to Impress Dont’sinterview dress tips

Please do not (and I repeat do not) wear the following:

  • Sweats pants
  • Pajamas
  • Ripped clothes
  • Flip-flops
  • Too much perfume/cologne

Make sure there aren’t any stains on your clothes or any missing buttons. Do not wear revealing outfits. No shorts or skirts that are too short. It is unprofessional and it would send the wrong message to the interviewer. Remember that too much jewelry and make-up, plus visible tattoos as well as piercings look unprofessional.

First Impressions Matter

Remember the first impression is something that matters the most. Just keep it nice and simple. Make sure that you’re clean from head to toe. Even if it’s an entry-level job you want to dress nice because the ultimate goal is to impress the interviewer. Dressing up for an interview is just as important as having a strong resume. Both are reflections of you. Having both and being prepared will show how great of a candidate you will be for the position.

Angelica Vazquez
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Are You Happy With YOUR Job?

What To Do If You're Unhappy Where You Currently Work

Studies have shown that when you are happy in the workplace, you are more productive and more likely to stay in a job. Many people are not happy with their job and don’t perform as well or they are only there for the money.

Have you ever asked yourself if you are happy at your current job? Are you still working there because you have been employed with them for a while and you feel comfortable? Don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion, if you are going to be doing something for several years to come, you should at least be happy doing it.

The Work Comfort Zone

Before working at YES, I was a Dental Assistant for five years. I made “good money” and was comfortable where I worked. I did not want to take a risk and was afraid of not liking other workplaces. I also was scared of rejection from new coworkers. I felt like I lost a lot of good opportunity. As a dental assistant, I loved interacting with patients and making them feel better about themselves.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly content with my job, I was only comfortable. Having to wake up for work every day was getting dreadful for me. I always kept thinking to myself; Is this something I want to do for the rest of my life? The answer was always no. I was also not performing my very best anymore and I knew that I needed to take a risk and explore my options. Maybe there was something out there that I would really enjoy and would be a better fit for me. This was one of those thoughts that made me nervous but I decided to act on it and make the change. It was not the easiest decision, but it was one of the best I have ever made.

Take A Chance

I found a great position here at Your Employment Solutions working as a recruiter. I immediately noticed that I no longer dreaded waking up in the mornings for work. Helping people was something that I considered very important and with my position I was assisting people with employment. The environment in my new job was amazing and the people were nice. Currently I find myself learning new things and gaining new skills and experiences that I know will help me in life and in the future. This is definitely a decision that I do not regret.

The YES Mission

At Your Employment Solutions we offer a variety of options for employment. Whether you are looking for a customer service position or industrial work. YES is the place to go for a job. We take the time to meet with everyone individually and we offer you places that we feel can be a good fit for you. We want to make sure that you are successful in the job we send you to. Our mission statement says it all; “Deliver the right people, on time, the first time.”

From experience I can now offer this advice. If you are unhappy where you currently work, do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and look outside the box. I sure am glad that I did. I now LOVE what I do and the people I work with! Sometimes taking a risk is necessary and the outcome is a great one!

Cesia Hernandez
Account Manager | North Salt Lake, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Staffing Adds Value

How Working in Staffing Can Make You More Valuable

There are many reasons why people go to staffing agencies when searching for employment. Many people lose their jobs and view staffing agency work as a quick solution. Others simply are just looking for something temporary and view the agency as a place they can get temporary relief from. What some people don’t realize is the fact that working in a staffing agency may actually be making them more valuable.

staffing agency make you valuableHow is it that working for a staffing agency can make you more valuable?

Well when you accept different assignments whether it is something temporary or long-term, you are gaining experience. It may or may not be in the field that you want to work on long-term, but in the long run you are becoming a more knowledgeable person. Many employers seek individuals who have a variety of skills and assets. The more knowledge and experience you have, the more valuable, well-rounded, and employable you become. It looks good on your resume when other employers see the abilities and exposure you have been in.

Staffing connects you to more than a job

Another reason is the fact that you are getting making connections and networking. When you meet people and you have a positive connection with them you will know that you can count on them for a reference when seeking for another job. Connecting with someone can open the doors to many opportunities. An introduction to a new field or growth within the company. Maybe a job you apply for down the road requires references. When you have someone that works in a relatable field recommending you, your chances of getting the position you desire increase.

You never want to burn your bridges in the workplace. One never knows when you will need a letter of recommendation or possibly even employment in the future from the same company. It is always great to know that you can rely on something if you are in need.

Temporary doesn't mean you should job hop

Although an agency you work with can make you more valuable, you also have to remember and be careful not to job hop. Staying committed to a job and being reliable is very important in the workplace. It can also discourage employers from hiring you when they notice that you have been to multiple positions in a short period of time. You do not want to be the person with 8 different jobs in a period of 1 year. It shows that you cannot be reliable and most companies want someone they can count on to do the job.

In conclusion, becoming more valuable and employable depends on your reliability and yourself. The opportunity is given to you when you work with a staffing agency, but It is up to you to take advantage and look for advancement and growth if you want to be successful.

Irvin Lopez
Account Manager | West Valley City, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Switching Careers into Staffing

My Experience Switching Jobs and Learning a New Career

switching jobs into staffingHave you ever made such a drastic change you have a hard time coping with it? I know I did, switching jobs and all. I went from a regular lead cashier, to a recruiter and then to an account manager. I’ve never had desk job before so I had no clue what to expect, it was new unexplored territory for me in a sense.

A few years back I was working as an employee for staffing agency as well. My recruiter at that time was really nice and helped me with everything I needed. I remember she was the reason I wanted to work in an office, helping other people, I just never thought I would become a recruiter myself.

Before working at YES, I had small time jobs, they were great and all but it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life then I got a cashier position at the local pharmacy working graveyards. I stayed there for two years and I learned to do everything there, I even learned to do the manager’s job. I got comfortable and I was okay working there. When the time came for me to leave and be part of YES, it became difficult to adjust.

Hardships in Transition

Customer Service–there are different types from what I have learned. In one way or another, most of my jobs have been customer service despite all the other responsibilities I had with the other jobs. Customer service in retail became so easy for me working at the pharmacy. I was all about doing everything at the moment and helping customers at the moment. I would strive to make the customer happy anyway I could, go above and beyond to have a satisfied customer making sure they will keep returning. With that said, I did everything fast, well, and never had any issues helping customers out with what they needed.

Here, at YES, patience is the number one thing I had to learn. A new job meant re-learning to do the job. I had to start from the beginning and work my way up. Not knowing the job and learning things little by little made it very frustrating. I wasn’t able to help people so easily like before but as the time passed I realized as to why I had to be taught little by little. There is so much you have to keep track of and sometimes it does get confusing. So I slowed down, took the time to learn everything in detail and got the hang of things.

Learning Teamwork

Though, I do have to admit that working as a team was also hard. Everything here at YES has to be done as a team. Without your team it would be almost impossible to do the job. There are many departments within YES that specialize in a certain area and only they are able to help you. I was not used to working in a team environment so I wasn’t used to relying on others for help. Learning to trust my YES team took some time because I always wanted to make sure that everything got done by me. This way I made sure it was done correctly. However, it wasn’t working out so I had to learn to trust others. Now, things are so much easier, and we are all exceeding.

Achieving Success

put your mind into your workDespite all the challenges I faced, through hard work and determination and of course with a little of help of my YES team and manager I was able to overcome the obstacles. I might have doubted myself in the beginning but I always came back the next day more determined to succeed than the day before. Now, I work harder than ever before and I’m successful at my job (I like to think so anyway).

If you put your mind to it and you work hard for what you want, you can do anything. Even if it does seem impossible. Always keep that in mind, even if does sound cheesy.

Isaac Buenrostro
Account Manager | West Valley City, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Staying Organized in the Workplace

Organization is Key to a Successful Workplace

organization in the workplaceHere are some reasons as to why it is important to stay organized.

Organization Saves You Time

When you are organized, you know exactly where everything is and everything has a home. So, you now have the ability to better manage your time. An organized professional will spend less time correcting mistakes, searching for information, and fixing any clutter. More time saved means more time for doing productive things.

Organization Reduces Stress

The more organized you are, the less stressed you are. A well-organized office creates a more relaxed working environment, as opposed to a disorganized office where you are constantly searching for items. When you’re organized, the burden of all that incomplete work, messy working space and long unfinished to do list lessens. You feel positive and productive.

Organization Improves Customer Service

When a customer comes into a disorganized office it makes them feel uneasy and not confident in the service they are receiving. When you are having to search through papers or have a cluttered desk it makes them perceive you as unprofessional. When you are organized, it shows your professionalism and reflects well on the company.

Here are some tips on staying organized:


  • Get enough sleep: the average adult needs 8 to 10 hours of sleep
  • Make an effort to prioritize your tasks
  • Take breaks

organized at workORGANIZE YOUR TIME

  • Start with goals
  • Outline your priorities
  • Time block your day


  • Have everything you need within reach
  • Get rid of clutter
  • Put paperwork in its place
  • Organize your desktop


  • Prioritize
  • Don’t stray from current tasks
    • Make yourself a note if something arises
  • Write out your goals

Organization is key to a successful work place. If you remember to organize your brain, time, workspace, and projects you will become a more productive employee. Organization is not only a tool you can use in the work place, but in everyday life.

Haylee Sorenson
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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