Switching Careers into Staffing

My Experience Switching Jobs and Learning a New Career

switching jobs into staffingHave you ever made such a drastic change you have a hard time coping with it? I know I did, switching jobs and all. I went from a regular lead cashier, to a recruiter and then to an account manager. I’ve never had desk job before so I had no clue what to expect, it was new unexplored territory for me in a sense.

A few years back I was working as an employee for staffing agency as well. My recruiter at that time was really nice and helped me with everything I needed. I remember she was the reason I wanted to work in an office, helping other people, I just never thought I would become a recruiter myself.

Before working at YES, I had small time jobs, they were great and all but it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life then I got a cashier position at the local pharmacy working graveyards. I stayed there for two years and I learned to do everything there, I even learned to do the manager’s job. I got comfortable and I was okay working there. When the time came for me to leave and be part of YES, it became difficult to adjust.

Hardships in Transition

Customer Service–there are different types from what I have learned. In one way or another, most of my jobs have been customer service despite all the other responsibilities I had with the other jobs. Customer service in retail became so easy for me working at the pharmacy. I was all about doing everything at the moment and helping customers at the moment. I would strive to make the customer happy anyway I could, go above and beyond to have a satisfied customer making sure they will keep returning. With that said, I did everything fast, well, and never had any issues helping customers out with what they needed.

Here, at YES, patience is the number one thing I had to learn. A new job meant re-learning to do the job. I had to start from the beginning and work my way up. Not knowing the job and learning things little by little made it very frustrating. I wasn’t able to help people so easily like before but as the time passed I realized as to why I had to be taught little by little. There is so much you have to keep track of and sometimes it does get confusing. So I slowed down, took the time to learn everything in detail and got the hang of things.

Learning Teamwork

Though, I do have to admit that working as a team was also hard. Everything here at YES has to be done as a team. Without your team it would be almost impossible to do the job. There are many departments within YES that specialize in a certain area and only they are able to help you. I was not used to working in a team environment so I wasn’t used to relying on others for help. Learning to trust my YES team took some time because I always wanted to make sure that everything got done by me. This way I made sure it was done correctly. However, it wasn’t working out so I had to learn to trust others. Now, things are so much easier, and we are all exceeding.

Achieving Success

put your mind into your workDespite all the challenges I faced, through hard work and determination and of course with a little of help of my YES team and manager I was able to overcome the obstacles. I might have doubted myself in the beginning but I always came back the next day more determined to succeed than the day before. Now, I work harder than ever before and I’m successful at my job (I like to think so anyway).

If you put your mind to it and you work hard for what you want, you can do anything. Even if it does seem impossible. Always keep that in mind, even if does sound cheesy.

Isaac Buenrostro
Account Manager | West Valley City, Utah Staffing Office
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Improving Your Hiring Process

If you are a business leader, you are tasked with the important ongoing responsibility of hiring. This time-consuming process has both monetary and reputational consequences if you choose the wrong person. You need to take time to find a good fit for your company, but in order to do this you need a successful hiring process that attracts high-quality people.

Here are our tips on improving your hiring process:

Write good job descriptions

The way your job posting is written can discourage great candidates from applying. Sometimes companies write detailed descriptions with long lists of responsibilities and requirements, but this has been found to alienate qualified employees. Put more focus on what your company can do for potential employees and you'll attract the candidates who fit your needs.

Embrace social media and the digital world

Most people want to work for digitally savvy organizations. This means businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to retain and attract employees. Make sure your career site is mobile-friendly, as a large percentage of people use their smartphone for job searching.

Pay attention to soft skills

Skills can be acquired but personalities cannot. Soft skills like interpersonal skills, communication s kills, thought processes and emotional intelligence is essential for an effective workplace. Necessary experience is good, but social intelligence is also important.

Check social media profiles

You'll probably do a background check, but if you don't look through someone's social media profiles, you're missing out on valuable information. Don't let a candidate's social media activity factor into your hiring decisions, but it can definitely give you a better picture of who they are.

Match the personality to the job

A candidate's personality is important to consider. Someone who has empathy is more suited to be a nurse or social worker than a tax attorney or computer programmer. Even if someone has the skills for a job, it might not match their personality type.

Ask the right questions

Ask someone why they left their last job. If they blame someone else, follow up with another question. Good questions to ask are things like “Where are you going to be 10 years from now?” or “What drives you to get up in the morning?” These questions can tell you a lot about a candidate's drive and ambition.

Attracting Great Millennial Talent to Your Company

attracting millennial talent Millennials are going to drive the future of business. The millennial workforce of 53.5 million has surpassed Generation X and now represents the largest share of the American workforce. This group is highly educated, adaptable, tech-savvy and quick learning. Millennials' skills are essential for businesses that want to innovate and stay relevant in the ever-changing business world. However, managers have learned that it is difficult to find and retain millennial talent.

Here are some ways you can attract (and keep) excellent millennial talent:

Create a dynamic culture

Your company needs to be an industry leader that understands millennial wants, needs and behavioral patterns. The modern workplace is constantly changing, due to new technologies, globalization, automation and a fluctuating economy. A modern company needs to create culture that works with the progressive, millennial mindset. With the right culture, you won't have to force anyone to do anything.

Encourage innovation

Millennials strive to develop, create, contribute and innovate. Unlike any other generation, it is their goal to make an impact on the world. These millennial qualities will not only fuel your growth and influence, but encouraging innovation contributes to overall happiness. If you want to attract and retain millennial employees, your business should be unique and nurture creativity.


The millennial workforce changes and creates industries. These individuals have the flexible skill sets required to be successful in a technology-driven world full of change, instant responses and infinite workdays. Millennials crave experiences and opportunities above all else. You need to create an environment that allows people to work remotely and even travel. Providing the opportunity to have unique experiences will keep millennial employees engaged. Maximize the talents, creativity and independence of your employees by giving them freedom and flexibility.

Make Your Business Meaningful

Millennials are driven by purpose. They want to be impactful and need more than a large salary to motivate their work. Find a charity or cause that is important to and congruent with your company's mission. If you can sell products or services and make a difference, everyone will win. Employees will find fulfillment when they're part of something bigger.

Cheers to Great Business!
Eric Nelson
Marketing Director
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“I help connect Utah jobseekers to Utah jobs.”

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Join the Y.E.S. Team!

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We are a local staffing agency who has been in business for over 15 years in North Salt Lake and are looking for a few dynamic employees to join our **work hard, play hard** team! Recruiting experience not required, but must have great people skills as you will be interacting with employees, clients, and applicants face to face daily. Must have excellent communication, both verbal and written. We are looking for a recruiter who will find passion in helping clients through meeting or exceeding employment needs and helping applicants to find great jobs. ** Pays $11.00+ hourly ** Bi-lingual in Spanish and English a HUGE plus but not required!

Will be managing and working with client accounts, conducting job interviews, assessing applicant job capabilities, giving employee orientations in an office setting, answering phones, and other office duties not listed. MUST have solid experience using Microsoft products, especially Word and Excel. Previous customer service and/or B2B sales experience a plus. High school degree or equivalent required, some college coursework preferred.

This is a long-term position with a growing company offering an excellent benefits package, an all-star work atmosphere, and the opportunity to learn, grow, and serve. To learn more about what Y.E.S. is all about, watch this introductory video at http://youtu.be/ez4i9gTfnrU and check out our website at www.yes-slc.com.

Apply by submitting your resume for review via alison@yes-slc.com with “Account Manager” in the subject line.


Ahead of the Game: Staffing & Video

Trends in recruiting come and go, but there are also new methods that enhance and update the former, more traditional ways of staffing. One such method Y.E.S. has personally taken advantage of is that of video. According to Alexa Internet, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com, YouTube is the third most visited website on the net, falling short to only Facebook and Google.  In our current market, video is particularly useful to attract those aged 20-30 years old as it has become an increasingly integrated part of the online and digital world.

In an article by Kevin Wheeler of ere.net titled “Why Recruiting Has To Go Video,” he breaks down the ways organizations and companies are using video as a kind of competitive edge, such as: Using video to showcase their company; To post or distribute jobs; To do targeted marketing; To hold career fairs; To interview candidates; For assessment and screening.

What does this mean for Y.E.S.?
According to Wheeler, “Video is rapidly becoming core to recruiting success.” We have been using video as a part of our staffing approach for over a year!  Where most agencies are still using traditional staffing methods, we pride ourselves in being ahead of the game and have seen the ways it benefits our recruiting efforts.  Y.E.S. is consistently thinking one step ahead in order to keep ourselves forward-thinking, modern, and more efficient with a combination of traditional and modern staffing.  This unique approach has allowed us to become the ONLY agency with a certified recruiting process and the Unquestioned Leaders in Customized Staffing.

To learn more about Your Employment Solutions (Y.E.S.), click here.

Text Messaging in Recruiting

Hi everyone!

We came across a great article from RealWire titled Text Messaging is Key to Successful Recruitment. Essentially, it discusses the idea that text messaging is an innovative, crucial form of communication that benefits the world of staffing and recruitment. We agree.

In reference to a study done by IDC Research, it reads that “79% of people 18-44 [years of age] have their Smartphones with them 22 hours a day.  As a consequence of this, 98% of messages that are received are opened, and 90% are read within three minutes.  Communication is immediate, and you can't get more powerful results than that.”

Here at Y.E.S., we utilize text messaging often and see great response.  Often we have little notice on our openings, have many open spots at once, or need someone ASAP.  Because of the quick response and mass number of people we are able to reach via text messaging, we feel it's an important part of our every-day recruiting process.

What do you think?  Have you ever used text messaging in recruiting?  Ever received a text message with a job offer or to be alerted with a job opening?  Leave a comment below with your opinions and experiences!

(See cited article here.)