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Stuck in a Job That You Don’t Like?

Tips To Help If You're Stuck in a Job That You Don’t Like I have been working since I turned 16. There was just something about having my own money to buy what I wanted but mostly it was so I could help my single mom who had always taught me the value of a dollar. I...

Job-Hopping in Staffing

Is JOB-HOPPING GOOD or BAD for STAFFING? Yes, both. There is a significant discrepancy in the perception of job-hopping depending on who you talk with. Most millennials don’t seem to have concerns, and instead focus on the possible benefits. On the other hand, most...

Fostering Teamwork at the Workplace

How to Create Teamwork Naturally in the Workplace Turning a staff of individuals into a team is one of the best ways to create a positive and profitable work environment. Successful teamwork helps employees use each other as resources, work with confidence and truly...

Holiday Focus Factor

Staying Focused at Work Amidst the Chaos of the Holidays As the seasons change here in Utah, the anticipation for the holiday season makes itself very prominent all around us. As we walk into stores we see the displays changing to Thanksgiving and Christmas sometimes...

Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

A Healthy Work-Life Balance or the Best of Both Worlds Work-Life Balance is a concept that implies there’s a particular balance between your work life and your personal life that can optimize your happiness. Achieving a healthy work-life balance can help you have the...

My Favorite Staffing Experience

Making a Difference vs. Saving the World I have been working in the staffing industry going on 13 years. It definitely wasn’t my dream or lifelong goal to work in the staffing industry. I had no intention in doing it as long as I have, but somewhere along the way I’ve...

Balancing Work and Family

Balancing Work and Family is Not Easy, But Worth it Trying to juggle work and family is what everyone has to do now a days--no matter what your background--in order to pay the bills and get by or live comfortably. Juggling Work and Kids Having to get up early, get...

Be There! At Work, in Life!

Be there. Be in the moment of your life. Don’t let the little screen get in the way. How many of you have gone out to eat with friends or family and at some point realized that every single person was on their phone Between Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and...

Stick-to-itiveness Pays Dividends

One Cannot Underestimate the Long-Term Power of “Stick-to-itiveness” Yes, stick-to-itiveness is a real word and to save you time from looking it up I’ll quote Stick-to-itiveness. noun. dogged perseverance; resolute tenacity I’m writing a blog on this...

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