Making Clean Water Happen in Honduras

Your Employment Solutions has been involved with the Amigos of Honduras Charity for the past 10-11 years contributing time and money. September is the month the charity Amigos of Honduras (Amigos) has their annual dinner. And last week I was privileged to travel to Honduras and take part in some of the organization’s charity work. The mission of Amigos of Honduras is to “Improve the lives of the people of Honduras.”

Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world. 62% of Hondurans live in poverty and many do not have access to clean water. Amigos main focus is to bring clean water to the people. Water is available in many areas but the challenge is to have clean, un-polluted water available. Lasting water projects that locals help build and maintain bring lasting changes. Children whose main job previously was to fetch water for mom can now attend school, educate themselves and then provide themselves with the tools to improve their lives, their families, and the community in which they live.

YES is proud to be a part of something special and that directly impacts the lives Hondurans. To date, 24 water projects have been completed affecting roughly 7,000-8,000 lives (not to mention the generations coming after). Currently there are a couple projects close to completion that will double the number of people benefited to 14,000-15,000. To bring that home a little, imagine filling Rio Tinto Stadium (Real Salt Lake soccer) two thirds full – that’s a lot of people.

YES is fortunate to be associated with a charity that is directly making a lasting impact on the lives of our brothers and sisters in the world. YES’ mission statement is to “Deliver the right person on time the first time.” In the Wasatch front YES is helping people to find the right job to help them care for their families and to improve lives locally. In Honduras, providing one of the most basic needs of life, that many of us take for granted, attention can be given to changing the poverty cycle abroad.

To me, it is the little things we do that make the most difference. At the time it may not seem like it has done all that much, but looking back over the years thousands of lives have been changed.

To find our more about the great work that Amigos of Honduras does, please visit http://amigosofhonduras.org/

Kerry Westenskow
Vice President
Your Employment Solutions

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amigos of honduras work charity
amigos of honduras work charity
amigos of honduras work charity
amigos of honduras work charity

Kerry Westenskow

Kerry Westenskow is the Vice President of Your Employment Solutions. He works to deliver the right people to some of the best jobs in Utah and provide exceptional customer service.

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