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Please give it up for this month’s Employee Spotlight – Santiago Isaza!

Thank You Santiago Isaza | YES August Employee Spotlight

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Santiago is one of the newest additions to the Ogden branch of YES. Although he’s only been with us about 5 months, he most definitely hit the ground running and has become a very valuable Account Manager. We have received so much positive feedback from our clients that are so thankful to be working with him, and we can’t even give him enough praise for all that he does and the extremely positive attitude he has while doing it!

We asked Santiago to answer 11 questions about work and life. Here’s what he had to say:

1) Five things you enjoy.
a. Watching tennis all day.
b. Backpacking around the world.
c. Dancing to some good Salsa or Vallenato.
d. Attending a good rave.
e. Spending time with my people.

2) Three things you don’t.
a. Watching American football or baseball.
b. Country Music (unless it’s Garth Brooks, Thunder Roll or the Dance).
c. Small talk.

3) What do you like most about working at YES?
What I enjoy the most of YES is the people that work here, they are super nice and make me feel like I matter.

4) What do you think would make YES better?
It’s perfect, the only thing is that we are growing so much that I might need a bigger office.

5) If you could meet anyone, who?
I would LOVE to meet the best tennis player in the world and of all-time, Novak Djokovic.

6) Your favorite place in the world.
My favorite place in the world is Tayrona Park in Santa Marta/Colombia.

7) Word is you’re originally from Colombia. Who do you root for in a soccer match? USA or Colombia?
I love USA but I would root for Colombia all the way. (Besides the USA football team is not very good)

8) What is the number one challenge you face in your job?
Waking up.

9) What do you think is the best way to meet that challenge?
Going to bed earlier.

10) What would you tell someone looking into working with YES?
That they would be very lucky if they got the job.

11) The vice president of Your Employment Solutions Kerry Westenskow invites you to Subway for lunch. Reed Laws, the president of YES, invites you to have lunch at McDonald’s on the same day. Which restaurant do you choose and why?
Although Reed is one of my favorites, I would have to take the Subway lunch from Kerry. I have gained like 10 pounds since I started here because everyone eats McDonalds so I have to EAT FRESH.

Thanks Santi for all you do to make Your Employment Solutions the best staffing agency in Utah!

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