YES Team Members are the Best Utah Staffing Professionals!

This month YES would like to spotlight another awesome recruiter from our Ogden office, Omar Dazza!

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Thank You Omar Dazza | YES August Employee Spotlight

Omar has been with us for a little over a year now and has been such a great support for the team. He is such an easy going, fun loving guy that our clients have enjoyed working with and who continues to grow with us every day. We also love working with you and enjoy growing along side of you, Omar, and hope to enjoy having you as part of the team for a long time to come.

We asked Omar to answer 11 questions about work and life. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Five things you enjoy.

  • Angy giving me free food
  • Gym
  • Soccer
  • Food
  • Sleep

2. Three things you don’t.

  • Angy not giving me free food
  • E-verify expiring every 6 months
  • Not getting a full 8 hrs. of sleep

3. What do you like most about working at YES?
The environment. YES has awesome employees!

4. What do you think would make YES better?
I think YES is good how it is, but free lunch won’t hurt.

5. If you could meet anyone, who?
Will Ferell.

6. Your favorite place in the world.
Hong Kong. Best place in the world, hands down!!

7. Should you ever skip leg day?
Depends. I really have to be in the mood for leg day, ha.

8. What is the number one challenge you face in your job?
Having to remember things.

9. What do you think is the best way to meet that challenge?
STICKY NOTES!! In front of my computer.

10. What would you tell someone looking into working with YES?
That we are awesome, honest and helpful

11. Who would wear a pair of Toms better? The president of YES Reed Laws or YES’ CFO Kerry Westenskow? Why?
That’s hard one. But I’m going with Kerry. Honestly don’t know why, but I think Kerry could pull them off.

Thanks for all that you do!

Alison Evans
Human Resources Manager
Your Employment Solutions

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