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Right out of high school I worked a really crappy job making close to minimum wage as a manager. So with a fixed mindset I decided to quit that job after 9 months. Subsequently I was then unemployed for the next 8 months. During that time, I applied at several places none of which ever answered me back.

A Staffing Agency Can Be Bad…

I eventually found a small temp job working through a staffing agency. It was the worst! The staff there was terrible, they treated me like I was an idiot, and the building was something right off the pages of a Stephen king novel! That experience made me never want to work with a staffing agency again.

And a Staffing Agency Can Be Great!

Fast forward a few years and I found myself in unemployment again. I quickly got on Indeed and started searching for some work. After a day I had sent out my resume to several different company’s a few hours later I received an email from some place called Your Employment Solutions. I kind of had the feeling it was a temp agency but I really needed work. So I quickly called them and set up a time to come in and interview.

When I walked in to the building It was pretty busy. I asked myself again if this was what I really wanted but I then remembered I had bills I needed to pay, so nervously I walked in the door. I was greeted as soon as I walked in, the lady was smiling and it looked like she was happy to see me! I was a little confused! This was a staffing agency?

Soon after a gentleman gave me an application and personally walked me back to a table to fill it out. As soon as I was done I was taken in for an interview. I had never been in an interview so fast! Usually I have to call and pester the potential employer to get in for an interview but here it was so EASY!

The gentleman who brought me in was really cool. He was in a polo and jeans and I was in a white shirt with a tie and slacks. (My outfit was on point!) But oddly enough it helped me calm down and not be so nervous! He introduced himself as Reed (Little did I know he was the owner of the company.)

employee trustYour Employment Solutions Cares!

Now obviously my interview went a little different than most since I am now working here. But one thing that I learned is that staffing agencies are not all bad. They can be a really good thing! Especially a place like Your Employment Solutions that cares about putting the right people in the right jobs. I wish I had found YES right out of High School!

So if you have a son or daughter that needs to get off the couch and away from the video games send them our way! We will place them in the right job for them! And then you can charge them rent!

All jokes aside, a staffing agency like Your Employment Solutions is in no way bad. It is perfect for everyone willing and ready to work!

Eithan Smalley
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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