love my jobStaffing Agencies Can Provide Many Rewarding Opportunities and Experiences

Having the opportunity to start at a young age in the staffing industry has been a great experience. I have gained a lot of knowledge about the job market and continue to learn many things. One of my favorite experiences in staffing has been and will always be the satisfaction an individual gets when they end up getting hired on permanently to a company. The thought that you changed someone’s life and helped them find a solution to their problem is always a good feeling.

Not having a job in this economy can be very challenging and difficult for families. People dealing with hardship either because they have lost their job or simply because their current employment does not pay enough to live comfortably. It can be extremely hard to find work if you don’t have the right mindset and skills that companies look for in an individual. A staffing agency is one of the many places that people go to for employment.

Misconceptions in Staffing

There are many misconceptions about staffing agencies that people believe and for that reason end up avoiding and losing many opportunities. It is a great place to start where you can prove your skills and eventually gain full-time employment. Many of the large companies simply do not have the time and prefer to use agencies to do their hiring. They know that with an agency they will have the opportunity to choose an individual that truly wants to work hard and prove their abilities. That is the expectation that I have when I make the selection and hire associates for my clients.

Second Chances

Many times I come across individuals who do not succeed but there is always a reason as to why they end up failing. I like to give people a second chance to prove themselves. Sometimes it takes another opportunity for people to learn from their mistakes, correct them, and move on. I can relate to this because I myself remember when I first started working in a staffing agency, I ended up making the same mistake. I was young and you can probably say I was not reliable to the point where my supervisor was doubting my dependability. I did not want to be that person that did not take responsibility for my actions therefore I decided to make changes and turn things around. Thankfully my supervisor did not give up on me and I ended up proving myself. Which is why I always tell people, “If you want a full-time job you will find one here. It is up to each individual to excel and find the opportunities that are being offered.”

utah staffingIt always makes me happy to see somebody succeed and get hired. I enjoy getting that one surprise phone call every now and then from an employee calling just to thank me for helping them find a permanent job. I can hear the excitement and the feeling of accomplishment. I like to remind them that it is their hard work paying off and that every little sacrifice makes a difference. It is a satisfying feeling and at the end of the day it reminds me of when I was given a second opportunity. For this reason it is why this is my favorite part of my job.

Irvin Lopez
Account Manager | North Salt Lake, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Irvin Lopez

Irvin is an account manager at the Your Employment Solutions North Salt Lake, Utah staffing office. He helps connect jobseekers to good Utah jobs.

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