Staffing Companies and Landscaping Lessons Learned

Several years ago, I needed to remove some trees from our yard that had become diseased. In the process of removing the trees and getting rid of the stump and as many roots as possible, I damaged some of my sprinkler pipes and one of the valves. I am not very handy around the house, but I thought this is my chance to do a little work and learn a new skill.

I went to work. I reconnected the lines to the specific sprinkler stations and when I had completed the job I thought I was all set. I turned the water back on and of course, they didn’t work. The lines weren’t leaking, so I deducted that the valve had to be damaged or dirty.

utah staffing business helpI began watching several YouTube videos to learn how to clean and repair valves. After roughly 4 hours of taking the valves apart, removing debris, putting the valves back together and trying them out again to find that they still didn’t work I finally gave up frustrated and angry. I then called in a landscaper and 45 minutes later they were all working.

For me, I learned a couple valuable lessons:

  1. Sometimes the fee is worth the service and for me not pulling what little hair I have left out.
  2. By giving the job to those that are skilled and trained, the job can be done faster and better. My time could have been better spent and more could have been accomplished had I just focused my attention on what I do well.

How Staffing Companies Help Business Owners

Businesses often struggle with this same conundrum. Business owners might ask: Where can my time best be spent? Where can I maximize my talents to further/strengthen my business? How do I get these valves to work?

mission statement utah staffingStaffing companies can act as the “landscapers” for most businesses. So often, businesses try their best to do their own hiring/recruiting.  Ads are put into papers, social media, or other various online recruiting sites. Yet the positions remain unfilled weeks/months later and don’t seem to attract the right talent.

Whether your business is small with few employees or if your business is large and the need for employees is great – a staffing company is poised to be a valuable professional resource to make your business better and allow you to focus your attention where your talents, skills, and value can be maximized

Your Employment Solutions Can Help Your Business

For the last 20+ years, the goal of Your Employment Solutions has been to help business owners and their businesses maximize focus and value. Contact us for any questions or help with your hiring needs!

I just wouldn’t call me for any sprinkler help – we would both be in trouble.

Kerry Westenskow
Your Employment Solutions

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Kerry Westenskow

Kerry Westenskow is the Vice President of Your Employment Solutions. He works to deliver the right people to some of the best jobs in Utah and provide exceptional customer service.

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