keeping employees engaged at workWhen your employees are engaged, they are productive, positive and less likely to quit because they are satisfied with work. As a business leader, it should be your goal to make sure that your employees feel engaged and satisfied while they are at work. So, how do you get (and keep) your employees engaged in the office? Here are some guidelines:

Don’t be afraid

When you manage your company out of the fear of people quitting, they will never be engaged. Push yourself to be a great leader and encourage your team to be the best possible. When your team accomplishes something great, all the push is worth it. A team that isn’t seeing any accomplishments is composed of the wrong people or working from the wrong plan.

Be transparent

Your employees need to know what’s going on at all times if you want to keep them engaged. People are more engaged with leaders who share, sacrifice, communicate and hold themselves accountable for problems. Take ownership and fix this problem.

Start with Yourself

If you aren’t engaged in your business, your employees won’t be either. Set an example for others and engage along with them. Spending time with the people you work with will create a good relationship and encourage them to stay engaged and positive. When you engage with them personally, most people will become engaged professionally.

Get Rid of Poor Attitudes

No matter how talented an employee is, bad attitudes are destructive. A good team becomes a great team when it is only made up of positive people. Spend time with people and learn who the complainers are. Once you cut them, your team will be more effective.

Set short-term goals

Company culture is created from people and their accomplishments. You should set monthly or quarterly goals that employees can easily hit. These goals need to be discussed and appreciated. If everyone is pushing hard to achieve goals, no one will be unmotivated.

Getting and Keeping Your Employees Engaged at Work

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