You come across some pretty interesting things working at a staffing agency.

People have some of the most incredible stories–and then you get some of the saddest stories you’ve ever heard. I’ve experienced so many different types of people, stories and outcomes. There are a lot of things I love about working at a staffing agency but these are my favorite reasons why.

Pure Gratitude

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One thing that has stood out to me the most about working at a staffing agency is the gratitude from some of our employees. When you hear their background and the trials that they have gone through, all you want to do is help them create a better life for themselves.

When you have a job applicant at your desk who has had a rough past and is desperate to create a new future, you try your absolute hardest to help that person achieve it. They are so humble and willing to take a job to create a fresh start or new beginning. We discuss all opportunities that we have available for them and qualify them.  The grin on their face when you tell them that they are eligible for a job, brightens up the entire room.

I love when I make phone calls to let them know that their interview with that company went well and they would like to get them started. That is one of the best feelings you can get working at a staffing agency. You can hear the excitement in their voice, and they continue to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” It’s difficult to not get just as excited when you see the joy on their faces.

Meeting New People and Listening to Them

The next thing I love is the day-to-day interactions and encounters I experience.  Some of the most heart-warming people have been at my desk.

Working for YES

Recently, I had a woman at my desk who had an interesting past, but her soul just lit up the room. She had the largest smile and the softest most sincere tone, and all she asked of us was to at least try to find something for her. Nothing really spiked her interest. So we just sat and talked. she shared some amazing stories, and I sat there and listened. Its people like her that touch my heart and make me love my job that much more. 

 Every day I come to work not knowing the type of people I will have at my desk or the kind of outcome we will have. However, just knowing that everyone has a different story just makes my day that much more interesting and causes excitement for the next stories that I hear.

These are just a few of the reasons why working at a staffing agency is so rewarding. My job has its challenges each day, but knowing that I am helping people and seeing their gratitude makes my job worth the stress of being an account manager at Your Employment Solutions. 

Tessa Anderson
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions


Tessa Anderson

Tessa is an account manager at the Your Employment Solutions Ogden, Utah office. She helps connect jobseekers to good Utah jobs.

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