There Are Lots of Great Benefits to Being YES On-Site Employee

ogden utah employmentWhen I first got the call that decided my fate of becoming an on-site, the only thought that came to my mind was, “It’s time to take on a new challenge.” But I never imagined all the challenges that would come along with this job! I had to learn a whole new work terminology as well as become familiar with sanitary gowning procedures and the consequences of an actual audit finding.

Working on-site with our client and going through some of the troubles we faced as a team (or the ones I faced myself) can seriously test your patience or even push you to your absolute limit. What I learned is how you can take that negative and turn it into a positive. Even when you know some days aren’t going well, you just can’t let it get to you, or else you are going to hate coming to work.

Each week has something memorable while working as a YES on-site. When I am creating a ID badge for a new employee, you can see the excitement that they are getting an opportunity to work for an amazing company. They know there is an opportunity for growth as well as great benefits they will receive after getting hired on permanent. Our client gave hoodies out to all the employees including the YES employees as a Christmas gift and the look on the people faces to receive that hoodie was priceless, they felt appreciated and they were happy to be working for great company!

Why Work With YES?

Going back to YES, we’re a staffing agency that stands out when compared to other agencies because of the way we do business. YES is a company that strives to help the people that need it most. We make sure to take the time to find you the right job, not just for you but for our client as well, to create that perfect match.

Working for YES has been one of the best experiences I’ve encountered because I witnessed an account begin from almost nothing and watch it grow to where it is at now. I got to witness how YES values its customers by trying to find out every little detail to build a partnership.

I can finally say I do love this job and it was the best decision I ever made by joining the YES team!

Adam Perea
On-Site Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Adam Perea

Adam is an on-site account manager at Your Employment Solutions in Ogden, Utah. He helps connect jobseekers to good Utah jobs.

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