“Professionalism” and a “Fun Workplace” are Not Antonyms

Any job seeker who has ever visited Your Employment Solutions would probably tell you that YES has a fairly laid back and informal environment. However, that doesn’t mean we take professionalism lightly.

What Your Employment Solutions Believes

We believe in providing professional services, which means we believe in appropriate attire, etiquette, punctuality, organization and dedication to your job, just to name a few.

We believe in adhering to commitments and treating everyone with respect. We value the time and efforts spent by others and maintain and encourage ethical conduct. We believe in admitting your mistakes and asking for help when needed. We believe in having fun and joking around, but we also believe in being polite in speech and body language in order to create good working relationships.

We Believe in Professionalism.

There are numerous ways for professionalism in the workplace to be described; so going into detail about professionalism isn’t necessary here. However, I would like to detail what NOT to do that could give you a negative or unprofessional reputation in the workplace.

Characteristics that Undermine Professionalism:

  • Gossip: Do not gossip. It is not only detrimental to the work ethic between employees; it can also place one’s job in danger. A person can quickly lose their aura of professionalism by being a target of or a participant in office gossip.
  • Negative attitude: Your attitude colors everything you do.
  • Poor attendance and frequent tardiness: Your work, coworkers, and/or customers are relying on you to arrive on time and ready to work. Showing up late, or not at all, shows that you do not respect or enjoy your job.
  • Unprofessional body language: Yawning without covering your mouth and chewing gum in the presence of others are just a couple of examples.
  • Excessive fragrance or not-so-fresh body odors: Be clean and fresh, but keep fragrance to a minimum.
  • Unkempt fingernails: Ragged or unclean nails make a poor impression. Remember that people notice hands just after their faces.

Professionalism is defined as one’s conduct at work.

In spite of the word’s root, this quality is not restricted to those in occupations we describe as “professions,” or typically those that require a high level of education and have high earnings. Cashiers, janitors and waitresses can demonstrate a high level of professionalism, just as doctors, lawyers or engineers can display a low level of it, and vice versa.

Why Professionalism is Important!

Professionalism is important because it helps increase performance and productivity, keeps employees motivated, ensures a good team spirit, helps maintain the right amount of communication in the workplace, and is critical to ensure justice and fairness for everyone’s efforts.

On the outside, it’s just plain human decency to be professional, regardless of the industry you are in.

Alison Evans

Director of Human Resources
Your Employment Solutions

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P.S. Here’s a great resource on professionalism in the workplace.

Alison Evans

My name is Alison and I am the Human Resources Manager for Your Employment Solutions. I enjoy this crazy, beautiful life. Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself!

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