The Risks & Rewards of Staffing & Safety

As one of Utah’s best staffing agencies, Your Employment Solutions [YES] places over 7,000 employees to work each year at nearly 200 different client locations. It takes an army just to coordinate the efforts of placing and paying all these employees, throw into the mix the task of managing safety, and you’ve really got your hands full. We take a large risk sending those thousands of employees to work in environments we don’t have direct control over. But here are a few tricks we use to turn those risks into rewards for our employees, our clients and our agency. Some might even call that a “Win-Win-Win!”

Now, you might be saying to yourself, people are smart enough to keep themselves safe so there’s no real need to do anything to keep them safe… Right? Wrong! When left to their own devices, people don’t always make the safest, or smartest, decisions while at work. Just take a look at some of these images:


workplace safety
workplace safety utah
workplace safety
workplace safety salt lake city
workplace safety
workplace safety ogden

Crazy, right?! So, what does YES do to develop a win-win-win?

Deliver the “Right” person

One of the best ways we can prevent work-related injuries is by sending the “right” person to the “right” job. At YES we’ve developed several skills/abilities tests that, in addition to typical previous employment experience analysis, helps us determine if the person applying for a specific job has the actual abilities to perform that job without hurting themselves.

Communication is Key

Our slogan at YES is: Say YES to Safety. In order to maintain a low injury rate we must form working partnerships with our clients with a big focus on safety. We establish a “Step-by-Step” procedure so our clients know what to do when one of our employees is injured at their facility. Regardless of how minor or severe the injury, it’s crucial our clients notify us so we can be involved in the proper handling of the injury, ensuring we get the employee the right treatment and back to work as quickly as possible. We have a unique approach for proper injury management but if we don’t hear about the injury until a few days after the incident occurs, we’d be left at a disadvantage.

Analyzing Trends

Working with nearly 200 different clients, we may not see any specific trends with one specific client; however, when we work with several clients in the same industry we are able to analyze trends in that industry. One of out clients may not have any work-related injuries but when a client in their same industry does, we are quick to share the information (Keeping specific client/employee information vague) we are able to help our clients stay ahead of the curve and implement preventative measures before the trend starts in their facility.


Recognition is something we strongly believe motivates our clients to keep up safety track records. Each quarter we review our clients with outstanding safety records, or clients who’ve made the greatest improvement to their safety record, and we present them with a plaque and a little gift basket to thank them for keeping our employees safe and recognize them for their efforts to maintain a safe environment for the employees we send to work for them. Here are a couple pictures of presentations we’ve made recently, as well as a picture from when we were recognized as a top safety partner by one of our clients, Chevron.

Who doesn’t love getting awards and gifts?!

workplace safety recognition
workplace safety recognition
workplace safety recognition
workplace safety recognition

Reduction of Costs

Sure, the end-goal of safety is to keep people safe at work BUT a byproduct of a quality safety program is also a reduction of costs. Business 101 teaches us that by reducing costs, we increase profits! This increase in profits creates the “win-win-win:”

  1. The Agency: We will realize greater profits by reducing the frequency of claims, which result in reduced workers compensation premiums.
  2. The Client: If the agency is saving money on insurance premiums they won’t have to mark-up their services in order to cover for higher insurance premiums.
  3. The Employees: They are the big winners in this equation because preventing them from becoming injured helps them preserve their greatest source of income, their work. If they aren’t injured, they can continue to work full-time to support themselves and their families.

Say YES to Safety!

If your company is looking for an innovative approach to improving your safety and staffing performance, give us a call and we’ll come review your current processes and see how we can partner together and create that win-win-win!

Jarum Stone
Training & Safety Manager
Your Employment Solutions
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Jarum Stone

Jarum Stone is the COO at Your Employment Solutions. He believes in the importance of discipline, ethics, hard work, and taking excellent care of customers. Jarum has over 20 years of leadership experience in workplace safety, customer service, sales, finance, employee management, and other staffing industry-specific functions.

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