COVID-19 and Your Employment Solutions

COVID-19. An intimidating subject to write about. Not only is COVID-19 (hereafter referred to as, “Virus”) new to me, its new to the world. My lack of knowledge, along with a very weak base in the health field, has kept me from specifically writing about this nasty Virus. However, I’ve chosen to elaborate on how this Virus has positively impacted the staffing company that has employed me for nearly 25 years, Your Employment Solutions.

Pre-Virus Staffing

Prior to the Virus, staffing agencies all over the world have had their own processes when it comes to communicating with clients (those looking for work), and customers (those asking for clients). We all had our systems, timelines, and ways we communicated with the world. We used our offices, the internet, phones, multiple softwares and platforms to keep our companies organized, seen, and working.

For 25 years, this is how Your Employment Solutions had been working as well. YES, we have evolved. YES, changes were also made when our organization grew in size and scope. YES, employees have come and gone during these years. Your Employment Solutions has survived the awful DOT.com era, the twin towers falling to the ground, and even the Great Recession. In my opinion, this Virus has done something entirely different than those historical events above. It has embedded fear by changing all that we know.

To Fear or Not to Fear

In my mind, there are two ideas when its apparent change is needed; There are those that fear, and there are those that live without limitations. I belong in the latter category. In my opinion, living “without limitations” doesn’t mean you are “more intelligent,” can’t be taught, or always win. It also doesn’t mean you are unapproachable, self-absorbed, and without empathy.

To me living “without limitations” means living with a mindset of abundance. Abundance of time, space, thought, money, opportunity, knowledge, creativity, happiness, service and love.

How YES is Living Without Limitations

It’s important to me that I acknowledge a decision made by Your Employment Solutions, prior to the Virus, that has been huge blessing. The leadership of Your Employment Solutions decided to spend an enormous amount of time, money, and expertise to create additional flexibilities for all employees. The company overhauled our self-hosted environment and converted to a work-from-anywhere in the world environment.

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The company’s DNA has no limitations, so we were willing and able to adapt when the Virus shut the world down in March of 2020. When we had employees needing to stay home due to lack of childcare, we could accommodate. There were new babies on the horizon, and the new moms and dads needed time to prepare for the family additions, and, you guessed it, we were ready. There were also those needing some time to figure out this virus and the anxieties it was causing their families, and once again, we were prepared. The choice to alienate fear and accommodate for constant change has allowed YES to move forward with confidence.

So, how has this virus positively impacted Your Employment Solutions? By allowing our employees more time to spend with their families, focusing on their priorities. By giving them the time to put up tents and camp in their own backyards with their family. By acknowledging the importance of going on bike rides, hikes, and cooking homemade meals together, and taking time to make phone calls and visit with grandparents and extended family. By YES’ willingness and ability to pivot with these abrupt changes to our global system, we have allowed our employees the space to focus on what is important, without the fear of losing their income.

Reed Laws
Your Employment Solutions

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Reed Laws

Reed Laws is the president of Your Employment Solutions. His business passion for the past 18 years has been helping to make Your Employment Solutions the finest staffing agency in Utah.

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