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How to Create and Maintain Synergistic Partnerships

Creating synergistic partnerships with our clients is a major cornerstone of our Utah staffing business here at Your Employment Solutions. That’s one of the reasons we are the leaders in Utah staffing.

What are “Synergistic Partnerships?”

The word “Synergy” or “Synergistic” refers to a combined action or a mutual compatibility between participants. When we apply this phrase to a “partnership,” it then signifies a mutually compatible relationship between two entities or people.

Synergistic Partnerships at YES

At Your Employment Solutions, we strive to come together with our clients and create synergistic partnerships in a variety of ways:

  • Touch base with our client on a daily basis (both beginning and end of day) to ensure all needs are met.
  • Maintain a consistent relationship with leads and supervisors.
  • Make occasional face-to-face visits in place of an email to demonstrate our appreciation and help strengthen the relationship.
  • For new clients, we ask to be introduced to their team in person and schedule a tour. This will let them know Your Employment Solutions is not only interested in staffing for them, but that we are interested in learning about their company as well.
  • Work on production lines and other positions we staff to engage with employees and gain a better understanding of their job duties and description.


Why Face-to-Face Business Matters

Jordon Cissna, an account manager from the Ogden office, gives a great example on how he created and maintained a synergistic relationship:

“I personally think that the most effective mode is in-person communication. It can be as simple as taking drinks to a client while doing payroll. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy session, just a few minutes to sit with the supervisor/client and talk about how THEY are, and forget about yourself.

If we focus more on what our clients have to say and less of what we want to say, our relationship will become more synergistic by each passing week. This has happened to me with one of my clients. I started off with one supervisor and made weekly visits to him. We talked about his wife, kids, life in general. We have now expanded into all areas of their company as a staffing partner.”

 Why is This Type of Client Relationship Important?

At YES, we understand the importance of synergistic relationships with all of our partners and are always looking for ways to strengthen our abilities and expertise.

Do YOU believe we can better our relationships with the companies we work with? If so, HOW can we take those relationships to the next level?

Remember, that the only way we can do better is if we all work together. Each of us at Your Employment Solutions has the responsibility to take care of our clients and to create/maintain synergistic relationships.

From how we answer the phone to responding to a simple email…


Here are a few suggestions from Sandra Clark in Ogden on how we can improve our partnerships:

“We should make an effort with our clients to sit with not only the superiors but the employees that work with them on what works for the company. I feel that if we get to know both sides such as the management and employees who make the foundation with that client could help us more understand where our relationship lies.

Also make it fun by giving them our time and ask more in-depth question more than just a how are we doing. Doing that will give us a feel on how much or how little our clients want us involved in there day to day process.”

What About Our Amazing Employees?

Creating synergistic partnerships with our companies and employees are both critical to the success of Your Employment Solutions.

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Trevor Hansen from the North Salt Lake office says, “Integrated and Synergistic partnerships is one of the corner stones of YES and a business. Not only do we try to achieve these partnerships with our clients, we also try to achieve them with our own employees. If we can build a team within YES that is integrated and synergistic then it will be easier for us to attempt to do the same with our clients.”

Wise advice! While we strive to maintain such relationships with our companies, we need to also ensure that we are doing the same for our employees.

Thank you for reading this blog post. What do you think is the best way to create and/or maintain a synergistic partnership with companies and/or employees? Please leave a comment below and let us know. As we learn from each other and hear about another’s experience, we will become better at what we do for those we work with.

Catherine Bryan
Your Employment Solutions

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Catherine Bryan

Catherine Bryan is a recruiter for Your Employment Solutions. She works to help jobseekers find quality employment in Utah.

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