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“Temporary jobs” have been given a bad reputation over the years. They are looked down upon as being a waste of time and only for people who can’t find “real jobs.”

Despite the negative reputation, temporary jobs are actually major contributors to the employment market world wide with over 35 percent of companies stating they hire talent from staffing agencies. (Per a survey conducted by CareerBuilder)

Your Employment Solutions, Utah’s only customized staffing agency, has partnered with over 100 Utah companies to provide employment to thousands of Utahns each year.

The Upside of Temporary Jobs

There are many positives that come from working “temp jobs,” or as I like to call them “stepping-stone jobs,” such as:

  • Helps you gain a variety of skills and experience.
  • Gets you out of the house and motivated to look for work.
  • Provides income.
  • Can open the door for a long-term position.
  • Gives you an opportunity to “test drive” and employer before committing.
  • Keeps your skills and abilities sharp.
  • Prevents you from having large holes in your resume.
  • Keeps you out of the unemployment line.


Ultimately, I want to point out that temporary jobs keep you moving towards your dream job just as stepping-stone paths lead you from paint A to point B. How is that, you ask? Well, not everyone lands their dream job right out of school, or even knows what their dream job is when they get out of school. Many people go into the workplace and have a feeling of wandering and a sense of being lost. However, “Not all those who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien.

Stepping Stones to Success!

Don’t talk yourself out of taking a temporary job while you are trying to decide what your dream job really is. Take a look at this infographic. It’s a great reminder that stepping-stone jobs will not prevent you from realizing your dream job:

temporary jobs

These are a handful of well-known individuals who got their start after having worked in jobs that were not glamorous, were not high paying, were not their dream jobs, and yet they used those jobs as stepping-stones until they found their dream jobs.

From Printing Press to Chocolate

Another excellent example is Milton Hershey, the founder of the Hersey’s Chocolate Empire. He was a grade-school drop out (never completed 4th grade) and started to work in the printing industry. But as we know, he’s not a famous printing press operator, no, he was fired from that job and then he took a job in the candy-making industry. He used the skills he learned from that job to create the Hershey’s Chocolate Company in 1900 at the age of 43. The rest is history.

What’s your dream job? Maybe this little clip can help you remember some of your childhood dreams:

Whether you are in your 20’s and just setting out on your path to find your dream job or if you’re latter on in your life and still feeling a little lost and wandering, just keep putting one foot in front of the other on those stepping-stone temporary jobs until you find what you’re looking for.

Jarum Stone
Operations Manager
Your Employment Solutions

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Jarum Stone

Jarum Stone is the COO at Your Employment Solutions. He believes in the importance of discipline, ethics, hard work, and taking excellent care of customers. Jarum has over 20 years of leadership experience in workplace safety, customer service, sales, finance, employee management, and other staffing industry-specific functions.

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