In the world of recruiting, first impressions are literally everything.  While this is great for some, many people don’t realize quite the impact of their first impression in an interview and don’t always know how to conduct themselves.  If you’re a prospective employee, how do you know the best way to present yourself?  And, for employers, how do you know what traits to really look for in the initial interview?  We rely largely on the following 3 “A” characteristics when interviewing candidates.

  1. Attitude
    This is the number one, game-changing difference in a good interview vs. a bad one.   Someone who comes in acting disgruntled, put-out, or annoyed does not attract the interviewer like someone who is friendly, accommodating, and has a bright demeanor.  On the contrary, it seems quite rude and automatically turns the interviewer off to hiring you.  In an interview, be sure to walk in with a good, positive attitude, shake the interviewer’s hand, and show that you are professional and truly care about the job you are interviewing for.  This ultimate introduction will help steer the conversation and remainder of the interview in the right direction.
  2. Appearance
    When people think interview, they typically think of shirts and ties, pencil skirts, blazers, and other professional wear, correct?  Well, we actually have seen a decrease in professionalism – and unfortunately see all too many interviewers walking in inappropriately dressed to meet with an employer.  While we understand not all jobs require that “shirt and tie” look, we are actually continually surprised at the interviewees who walk through the doors with uncombed, messy hair, dirty clothing, and other avoidable attire.  If possible, tidy up and present yourself in a neat manner – even if you’re in for a more casual interview.
  3. Ambition
    Not only do employers need hard-working employees, but they want people in their company with a driven, go-getter attitude.   Many employers use attitude (see above) to determine an individuals ambition, but further than that, your ambition rubs off in your previous work experience, your desires and hopes for your potential future job, and your plans for the future.  This is because although ambition and attitude play a role with one another, ambition shows a focus and a motivation for life and career.  This trait is extremely valuable in an employee and allows an employer the confidence in knowing and trusting you with responsibilities at work.


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Eric Nelson

Eric is the director of marketing at Your Employment Solutions. He helps connect Utah jobseekers to great Utah jobs. He loves running, going to movies, eating sushi, and then running some more.

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