Which shoe do you put on first? Which pant leg goes on first? You might not know because you’ve never thought about it. It’s a habit – and that’s the point. Habits are engrained actions already in your life. We are creatures of habit and do things because it is routine and routines makes it easier for us to get through the day.

Have you thought that these seemingly simple actions can truly be a powerful thing? We can control and dictate many aspects of our life just by recognizing our habits, and whether or not they serve us.

Recently I read the book “ The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. This book made me think about what makes me tick and why I do the things that I do.

When we create a habit our minds don’t need to put in extra work or thought because it becomes a routine. This can be positive or negative. Habits are hard to break when we are used to doing things a certain way, but habits can be changed if we recognize the cues, the routine, and the rewards.

Cue: a trigger that puts your brain into automatic causing the habit to engage.
Routine: The actual habit which can be physical, mental, or emotional.
Reward: The outcome that helps the brain figure out if the cue/routine is worth remembering in the future.

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Even businesses have habits or processes. Successful businesses have good habits. At Your Employment Solutions, one of the habits I am most proud of is the way our staffing agency treats and respect people as we explore what job would be best for them and truly understand their qualifications. We have implemented intentional and specific processes/habits to find our employees the right job. This can be very difficult to match the employee’s skill set, wage requirements, shift requirements, and location, but these processes make it work.

Our mission statement is to deliver the right person on time the first time. Thanks to these habits our mission statement can be accomplished.

Kerry Westenskow
Your Employment Solutions

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Kerry Westenskow

Kerry Westenskow is the Vice President of Your Employment Solutions. He works to deliver the right people to some of the best jobs in Utah and provide exceptional customer service.

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