You got hired? Tips for surviving your new job’s first day!

You build a resume, you have gone through interviews, gone through rejections and FINALLY found a job that will work for you, your family and your goals. What do you do now? 

The obvious answer is show up and work like your life depends on it, which in a way, it does. That’s an easy answer, but it isn’t good enough. 

Do You Know Your Why?

I believe the question you need to be asking is your, “why?”

Why do you want to job? Why this job? Will it bring you the satisfaction you need? Are you doing the job just for the money and the pay? Your “why” needs to be strong enough to carry you through the rough times as well as the strong times.

I never recommend that you take a job based on the pay. Money is not a good reason for a job. You can have a job that pays a lot of money and you hated in which case you’ll either quit or get fired because your heart isn’t in it. Money is a benefit of the job, not a reason. Money will come as you produce and prove your worth.

Once you have a “why” that is strong enough to carry you through a job, that’s when you give it your all.

Show Enthusiasm

On your first day, go in excited to succeed not to try it out. You’ve invested too much into get it in this position, it’s too late to try it out. You need to be committed. We never succeed at anything unless we are committed to the process.

Ask Questions

Have an open mind and be willing to learn. You don’t know everything about this job even if you are familiar with the skills and industry. Soak everything up like a sponge and don’t be afraid to fail. If you don’t fail at something, you aren’t trying hard enough.

Come Back for Day Two

Lastly, take it easy on yourself and your new company—you want to succeed and so do they.

Kirk Westenskow
Account Manager | North Salt Lake, Utah Staffing Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Kirk Westenskow

Kirk is an account manager at the Your Employment Solutions North Salt Lake, Utah staffing office. He helps connect jobseekers to good Utah jobs.

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