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How a Good First Impression and Your Body Language Work Together

What’s one of the most important aspects when meeting someone for the first time?

The impression you make.

Your first impression (usually made within the first 30 seconds of introduction) or how you present yourself to someone for the first time will (for better or for worse) leave a lasting influence long after you’re gone.

There are many ways to make a good first impression. Whether in a professional job interview or in a social get-together, if you want to positively present yourself you must use your body language to your advantage in order to open the possibility of a promising relationship.

Let’s go over some actions that will help you in setting a great first impression.

Eye Contact

It is important to make and maintain comfortable eye contact. Looking into a person’s eye as you talk to them will show that person you are confident in yourself and in your message.

Those that do whatever they can to avoid making eye contact will inevitably show a lack of confidence.

When it is not your turn to talk, it is crucial that you maintain eye contact with them. People tend to look where your eyes are looking. If you are start focusing your eyes at something in the background, you will show people that you are not too interested in what they have to say.


It is important to keep cool during a conversation. Keep your head up when talking. Your shoulders should be held back and you should stand evenly on both feet. It is a good idea to have your feet pointed in the direction of whomever you are talking with.


Your tone-of-voice should match up with your body language. If it does not match up, you could be sending the wrong message. For example, if you are trying to have a fun conversation but your voice comes across as dull, people will just look at you confused (it only works for Zach Galifianakis).

Speak up and make sure that your words are clear and distinguishable. Keep an upbeat tone of voice being careful to not go overboard.

In Conclusion

Your body language will give you away every time. The goal is to present yourself in a way where people want to hear what you have to say and can feel that you care about what they have to say also.

Jordon Cissna
Account Manager
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Jordon Cissna

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