Walking into the office Monday morning, greeted by a huge stack of haphazardly placed paperwork? How about when you go looking for the whiteout and it’s gotten lost in a drawer of never-ending miscellaneous items? We understand how stressful work can be so we have compiled our Top 3 Tips for Workplace Organization!

1. Tidy Up Your Workspace

Make an effort to keep your desk free of excess clutter.  Each day, set aside a few minutes simply to organize and clear off your desk.  This allows space for you to work.  Clear out old notes and reminders from the sides of your computer screen, tabletop, and other areas to make room for the important things!  If you’re working with a computer every day, do your best to keep miscellaneous files from your desktop, allowing you to easily access the items you really need.  Even people who are comfortable with clutter should make an attempt to put things away when you’re finished with them.  This will help keep your work area focused and productive.

2. Establish Time Management Skills

So often people get caught up in all the stressful duties and responsibilities of the day.  First, recognize that you are human!  Don’t try to get everything done at one time.  Research show that this type of multi-tasking actually decreases productivity and quality of work.  Instead, learn to focus on one thing at a time.  We recommend making a to-do list outlining the day’s tasks – this allows you to get back in focus quickly after distraction by knowing exactly what you need to do before the end of the day.  In addition, it eliminates human forgetfulness and helps keep you on task.  Checking tasks off your list throughout the day is also a way to bring a sense of accomplishment and motivation.  Plus, at the end of the day you will have a clear, concise list to see the “fruits of your labors,” with a long list of completed tasks!

3. Develop Good Habits

Some people rely on schedules, others like routines, and some use to-do lists like what we mentioned above.  Whatever your system, choose one that works for YOU.  No two people work or think exactly alike, so it’s up to you to figure out what works for you.  We suggest showing up 10-15 minutes early for work each day and use those quiet moments to regroup and get focused for the day.  This also helps you begin the day in a calm fashion, rather than running late and starting the day completely stressed out!


Staying organized can keep your stresses at work to a minimum and helps employees to become more productive and motivated.  Do you have other tips we haven’t listed here?  Let us know by commenting below!

Eric Nelson

Eric is the director of marketing at Your Employment Solutions. He helps connect Utah jobseekers to great Utah jobs. He loves running, going to movies, eating sushi, and then running some more.

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