What Really Matters to Your Business?

It seems more and more difficult to keep up with what the world thinks is important to your business.

Everyone wants your attention and/or your money. Social media platforms by the hundreds claim they are what keep us informed and current. Software companies come round daily begging you to use their product — one they claim would fix every problem you are currently experiencing, and more.

Multiple solicitations from every industry claiming the product they have will improve your bottom line.

How Do You Decide?

With all that is in front of us, how do we decide what is useful and what is useless?

If you have been in business for multiple years and have experienced both turmoil and growth it can be difficult to decide how to play this game and maintain your competitive edge. I think the answer is simple, yet with all the clutter around us we seem to create complexity.

Nothing will seem too complicated if you always keep in mind…

No one knows your business like you do.

Yes, sometimes it can be good to get some outside perspective — but ultimately you have the best, most intimate view of what you have built and how.

When approached with the buffet of business products, keep it simple. Don’t be distracted by bells, buttons and whistles. Explore the ideas that make sense and rid yourself of those that waste the most valued commodity, your time.

Your business is successful because of what and how you built it. Let’s not give any time, or take any advice and nonsense from those that don’t live and completely understand that simple truth.

Reed Laws
Your Employment Solutions

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Reed Laws

Reed Laws is the president of Your Employment Solutions. His business passion for the past 18 years has been helping to make Your Employment Solutions the finest staffing agency in Utah.

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