The Latest Employment Numbers in Utah

Every month the Utah Department of Work Force Services releases current jobs and unemployment numbers for the state. Watch their most recent video below for a detailed update.

The state of Utah currently has a 3.1% unemployment rate which is well below the 4.6% national average.

We’ve also seen a 3.0% job growth rate last month compared to the 1.6% national growth rate.

“Yet again great news for our state,” says Carrie Mayne, Chief Economist at the Department of Workforce Services. “Unemployment is another number delivering great news. It tells us there’s roughly 46,000 individuals who are actively seeking work in our state.”

utah employmentHow Do Utah Employment Numbers Affect the Staffing Industry?

Andrea Posell, our Ogden Utah branch manager at Your Employment Solutions had this to say about the latest job report.

“Our economy is doing great, which means there are only 46,000 people out of work in the state of Utah. While this is good for our state (being 3rd in the nation) it doesn’t help us out, because we have a ton of jobs to fill but not enough people to fill them. It also means people can be picky and go with the highest paying jobs. So we also need help from the employers to make the pay more competitive to get these jobs filled.”

Brigham Yates, YES’ Director of Client Relations, says, “Job growth is real and in the month of November Utah added 42,000 more jobs than in 2015. With unemployment so low and the growth going in a upward tread of 3% means the workforce market is much lower and companies can be more competitive. Employee can pick and choose which means companies cultures and wages need to change to be more competitive.

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