The Latest Employment Numbers in Utah

Every month the Utah Department of Work Force Services releases the latest employment and unemployment numbers for the state. Watch their most recent video below for a detailed update.

The state of Utah currently has a 3.2% unemployment rate which is well below the 4.9% national average.

We’ve also seen a 3.0% job growth rate last month compared to the 1.6% national growth rate.

“It’s a very low unempyment rate,” says Carrie Mayne, Chief Economist at the Department of Workforce Services. “We’re growing our labor force. It’s a good signal for us to be confident that we can maintain momentum with out economy.”

utah employmentHow Do Utah Employment Numbers Affect the Staffing Industry?

Chris Walker, on of our Ogden, Utah area managers at Your Employment Solutions had this to say about the latest job report.

The fact that our unemployment rate is decreasing, while our job force is still increasing goes to show that the right people are finding the right jobs and those people are dedicating themselves to the work they are doing. Which, in turn, is creating more opportunities for companies to grow and create more job openings to continue that growth.”

JEff Arnold, YES’ VP of Business Development, added, “Strong growth number in jobs created showcases the Utah economy. Continued opportunities for the work force and for employees to find excellent job opportunities at the moment. This strong economy creates dynamic possibilities for YES as we continue to be creative in our recruiting efforts. Retention of top talent and placing this talent continues to be a differentiator for YES”

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