Employment Numbers in Utah | April 2021

The Utah Department of Work Force Services releases data on current jobs and unemployment for the state on a monthly basis. Below is the latest employment data for the month of April 2021.

The state of Utah reported a 2.8% unemployment rate ranking well below the national rate of 6.1%. Utah currently boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, tied with Nebraska, New Hampshire, and South Dakota.

Utah also reported a positive 2.3% job growth (compared to April of 2020) rate against the -4.0% national growth rate. These numbers are compared to a COVID economy.

“We will be better served comparing the current economy against two years ago; a time before the COVID-19 distortions,” says Mark Knold, Senior Economist at the Department of Workforce Services. “In that vein, Utah’s current employment count is 2.3% higher than recorded in April 2019. A typical year’s worth of Utah employment growth has taken two years to accomplish—commendable given the intervening COVID-19 disruption.”

You can listen to Knold’s take on the latest employment numbers, here:

How Employment Numbers Impact the Utah Staffing Industry

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“Reactions within the labor market itself infer that the labor force isn’t as employed as it wants to be,” says Knold. “Industries now returning to open employment are speaking of not finding workers wishing to fill their open positions.”

These cries of labor shortages are not just a Utah phenomenon, Knold believes. And it’s true, we’re seeing employers struggle to fill open jobs nationwide.

Reasons for labor shortages Knold presents are:

  1. Many workers are fearful to return to work prematurely
  2. The reallocation of labor between industries takes time
  3. Segments of an otherwise normal labor supply are missing
  4. Unemployment benefits have been generous, possibly enough that they have created a marginal disincentive towards work

The fourth reason Knold presents may have had the most impact in service and manufacturing sectors as shortages feel amplified in those industries. Extended unemployment benefits will be halted in Utah on June 26. At YES we expect to see an uptick in labor supply in the weeks following. Our efforts to match employers and jobseekers have not slowed down. As such, Your Employment Solutions (YES) is uniquely positioned to help employers find the right people for the jobs they need filled in this growth-oriented, competitive employment economy. 

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