We came across an article by Jonathan E. Richards (see here for full article) addressing the “Benefits of Getting Any Job Rather Than Being On Benefits” and the topic served as a spark for this post.

This concept is one we tend to run into a lot, especially in the staffing world.  Many people are living on unemployment and while it is there for a worthwhile purpose, we need to remember how important a job really is – regardless of the money.

Some people may question this point of view, however the truth of the matter is that having a job carries much more than simply monetary value.  For instance, having a job allows people to continually work hard and challenge themselves, where you may not face such obstacles elsewhere.  In addition, it is a learning tool in the sense that you are forced to solve problems efficiently and accurately.  You have the ability to connect and socialize with those around you and truly build confidence through your personal and professional dealings in the workplace.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Utah’s Unemployment Rate as of May 2013 was at 4.6% (for more statistics, visit the Utah Department of Workforce Services website).  This is great news for many Utahns as it means there are more jobs and more employers looking for employees.

“Ultimately, having a job will give you the feeling of self worth. It is a far better feeling to know you have earned the money yourself, and worked hard for it, rather than taking it from other peoples taxes. It will bring you a higher level of self esteem and make you feel encouraged, the fact that you’ve earned that money yourself and really deserve it.” (Jonathan E. Richards, The Benefits of Getting Any Job Rather Than Being On Benefits).

Eric Nelson

Eric is the director of marketing at Your Employment Solutions. He helps connect Utah jobseekers to great Utah jobs. He loves running, going to movies, eating sushi, and then running some more.

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