Does Working With a Staffing Agency Make You More Employable?


Staffing agencies have positions they need to fill and the ability to employ candidates very quickly. This is helpful because employers and recruiters may look negatively on extended periods of unemployment. Little to no time between employers is an indicator of a proactive and motivated employee. Some of those employers will then send new employees through trainings or certifications to prepare them for the work they will be doing.

staffing is foot in the doorStaffing Agencies have the ability to start candidates in a company that do not hire directly. There are times an agency is the only way to get a foot in the door of a specific company candidates are passionate about. Once an employee is in the door, even on a temporary assignment, it significantly increases their chances of being hired directly by that company.

If an employee is observant they will learn more than just their job functions, they will learn how different supervisors, managers, experts, departments and companies communicate and operate. Exposure to multiple management styles, problem solving techniques and programs can be extremely valuable if applied correctly at a new department or a new employer.

The knowledge and skills you bring to the table make you valuable and YES can give you that opportunity!

Seth Hopkin
On-Site HR Manager – Ogden, UT
Your Employment Solutions

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Seth Hopkin

Seth is the on-site HR manager for one of Your Employment Solutions's clients in Ogden, Utah.

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