As 2018 comes to an end, we reflect upon the year’s experiences and begin to imagine where the next year might take us. Here at YES, we’re excited for the next big adventure. However, we’d be foolish not to take some time to highlight some outstanding staff members who have helped us succeed thus far!

At our annual company Christmas party, we awarded six very well deserving employees for their efforts throughout the year. May we recognize them here for all to see!

Awards of Excellence

These are what we call ‘Owner’s Choice Awards’ and reflect individuals who really stand out and exhibit the qualities and traits we place the highest value on here at YES; reliability, positivity, willingness to get their hands dirty and do whatever’s needed to support other staff, clients, and customers, eagerness and willingness to learn and to be vulnerable, always asking questions and craving the next level, and quickly showing they want to be leaders.

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Award of Excellence | Malyn Dickson 

Malyn took over our Logan, Utah staffing office and had an instant impact, not only in revenue but in likability of clients. She is trusted, reliable, and coachable. Upon stepping into a managerial role, she was able to re-engage some clients that were slowly falling away from YES. She is fearless – doesn’t always have to ask, just produces. Malyn is a great asset to our team and to our clients in Cache Valley!

Award of Excellence | Haylee Stevens

Haylee has learned very well from her manager how to be strong and how to be herself. She is willing to put herself out there and learn from every experience she encounters. Haylee is timely, never late, and never has excuses. The clients that she manages have grown and shown great pleasure in working with her.

Haylee brings organization and hard work to the team and for that, and many other traits, we are so grateful to have her!

The following awards were peer rated awards, so not only do these individuals stand out to upper management, they are a great example and resource to those that work alongside them.

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Best Customer Service | David Sanchez

David always gets out of his seat to meet applicants. He remembers their names and they leave feeling like he’s going to help and they can rely on him. Many applicants and employees have expressed how much time and care David took with them while interviewing and setting them up for a new job.

David is always willing to come in early and stay late for the sake of excellent customer service, taking care of client needs and late visitors. He is never negative and goes above and beyond to seek coaching and advice on customer service and managerial skills. David is respectful, helpful, proactive, and engaging. We are very pleased to have awarded him the 2018 Best Customer Service Award!

utah staffing champion

Most Improved Employee | Jarum Stone

Jarum has gone from a good manager to an amazing one. He actively searches out education materials such as books, forums, podcasts, etc. Jarum consistently makes an effort to network and build relationships that help him to learn and grow. He has educated himself nonstop to learn more about his areas of responsibility and is always asking questions to learn and absorb more. He actively implements new ideas and things he learns into his everyday tasks and always tries to help others learn through his experiences as well.

Worker’s Compensation Fund of Utah has mentioned that he is one of the best resources they have ever dealt with. Jarum has undoubtedly earned the title of Most Improved Employee of 2018!

utah staffing manager

Manager of the Year | Chris Walker

Chris currently drives one of our largest accounts. I think we would all agree that 99% of the time he brings a smile to the face of everyone he interacts with. He sets strong goals for himself and is truly internalized at YES. Chris is what we refer to as a ‘Culture Promoter’ and always rolls with the upside, and brings up the downside. This is true for Chris at ALL times.

He successfully led an initiative to improve processes after losing 25% of his team. Chris surrounds himself with great people at work and is a great role model for many. Chris was deservingly awarded the Manager of the Year by who other than all other managers in the company. Chris is an invaluable asset to our team!

utah employee of the year

Employee of the Year | Maria Orozco 

This year’s Employee of the Year received an overwhelming number of votes from most all employees in the organization! Maria Orozco has been one of the most flexible and versatile people in the company. She is always willing to pick up something new and always willing to help whenever she can. She has bounced back and forth between positions a few times and is always up for improving herself and helping others improve as well.

Votes for Maria include numerous comments about her natural demeanor – nice, polite, friendly, and positive. Maria does so much for her team and always has the best attitude. ALWAYS. Even when times get tough and things get stressful, she doesn’t show it at all. She has an incredible ability to stay positive no matter what the circumstance. Maria is a positive, genuine person who works hard and does whatever she’s asked to do without ever complaining. Maria is, without question, our 2018 EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR!

Thank You To Our Amazing Employees!

A special THANK YOU to each of these amazing employees for all that you do for your teams, clients, customers, and YES! YES has quickly become one of the best staffing agencies in Utah and can attribute its growth and many successes to employees like the six rockstars that were awarded this year. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset and want to thank each and every one of them for all of their efforts and for helping build one of the best companies to work for in Utah! Here’s to another amazing year. We’re ready for 2019!

Alison Evans
Director of Human Resources
Your Employment Solutions

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