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This month’s employee spotlight is a positive, upbeat, fun-loving, and hard working individual who has brought so much fun to our team, Ivan Negreros!

Thank You Ivan Negreros | YES March 2020 Spotlight

It hasn’t quite been a full year since Ivan started working with us, but when you spend time in the office you would never know! Ivan is a quick learner and is really eager to do a great job. He takes such good care of our applicants, employees, and clients by being respectful, communicative, and attentive to their questions and needs. He is a great asset to our team and we’re so lucky to have him.

We asked Ivan to answer 11 questions about work and life. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Five things you enjoy.
Cookies, art, aquariums, happy people and rollercoasters.

2. Three things you don’t.
Littering, entitlement and E.T.

3. What do you like most about working at YES?
My co-workers!

4. What do you think would make YES better?
More Snacks, but in all seriousness YES is already pretty amazing.

5. If you could meet anyone, who?
An alien (if they exist.)

6. Your favorite place in the world.
In my room right at sunset to see the golden hour. It makes me really appreciate the little things in life.

7. Where is the best place to eat seafood in Utah? Why is it better than the rest?
I really like Japanese Wasabi! I haven’t had one bad thing from them. It may be because I like sushi too much.

8. What is the number one challenge you face in your job?
Finding honest hard working people.

9. What do you think is the best way to meet that challenge?
Being transparent and asking the right questions.

10. What would you tell someone looking into working with YES?
Be honest and make sure that you move forward with a job that’s right for you. You’ll be happier in the long run.

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11. You are a very sharp dresser. If you had to choose a new fashion style for Reed and Kerry, what would it be for each of them and why?
Hmmm…. I’d ask them to dress in super hero suits at least once a week. Why? because I like capes.

Thanks for all you do, Ivan! You rock!

Alison Evans
Human Resources Manager
Your Employment Solutions

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