The Difference Between Your Employment Solutions and Every Other Staffing Agency

best places to workWhen you think of a staffing agency what is the first thing that comes to mind? Temporary? Not a real job? Waste of time, etc.? That’s what I thought until I actually started working for one and not just anyone might I add, the best in the industry, Your Employment Solutions.

The Definition of a Staffing Agency

From smallbusiness.chron.com:

“A staffing agency (also called a temp agency), can help bridge the gap for people stuck between jobs or for businesses that need to fill out the ranks but are having difficulty finding qualified employees. A temp agency has an army of workers with a variety of skills at its disposal. The hiring process is convenient for both the employee and the business because the staffing agency handles most of the paperwork.”

What Makes YES Different From Every Other Staffing Agency?

Your Employment Solutions is a friendly, reliable, customized staffing agency and our people are the best in the industry. We excel in customer service and are the only agency with a certified recruiting process. We provide good, challenging jobs to qualified, hard working people. We believe in providing our employees with a positive, professional work culture that allows for fun, rewarding opportunities. We value our employees and our clients and pledge to help them find a first-class employment solution.

But What do the People Say About YES?

Doing a Google-search for “Staffing agencies in Ogden, UT” brought up multiple different staffing agencies. Here are some reviews that were listed for YES as well as other agencies.

Utah staffingYES Reviews

“Definitely a much better facility than the other temp agencies I’ve tried, and as even more of a plus, unlike the other temp agencies I’ve used, this facility does not only focus on production/industrial work, so it is definitely more flexible. I would highly recommend them.” – Lucky A.

“Very helpful. Had prior issues with other companies. Responded back very quickly to help me find a job. Very friendly.” – Nick D.

“They were very helpful in helping me to understand what opportunities there are out there for me. A very friendly staff willing to do all they can to help you find a job that best suits you.” – Stephen S.

Other Agencies Reviews

“First time at a staffing agency, was hoping for a job what a waste of time. Made me fill out a bunch of paperwork. I called several times, promise after promise and no job… They never even called me once…” – Jane D.

“Terrible. I went there for an interview and I passed everything that they’ve asked for. Then they tell me that I have to wait till the company calls. It has been 2 weeks now and nothing I don’t think I’ll ever go there again.” – W.D.

My Thoughts on Why YES is Best

Here at YES we pride ourselves on good customer service, because to us you’re a person, not a number. Some agencies will you the term ‘a warm body’ when looking for someone to fill a position. At YES we don’t look for ‘warm bodies’ to fill our positions, we people that are hard working individuals. In the words of the Vice President of our company, Kerry Westenskow, “Our growth is in human capital. Not Numbers.”

It is great to know that there is not a single person in this company that would treat a client or employee with disrespect or unwillingness to help. It is such an honor to work for a company that has the reputation it does for being the best in the industry.

Come see for yourself why Your Employment Solutions offers the best staffing solutions in Utah, and why I believe that YES is the place to be!

Jessie Khousakoune
Account Manager | Ogden, Utah Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Jessie Khousakoune

I am a full-time student and account manager for Your Employment Solutions in Ogden, Utah. Our mission is to find the right person, on time, the first time. To accomplish this goal we specialize in customizing our recruiting processes to cater to the needs of our clients and partners.

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