salt lake city staffingW-2 and Paytstubs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding your W-2 and Paystubs.

How do I create an account to view my W-2 or paystub?

To view a PDF with step-by-step instructions, click here.

How do I view my W-2 or paystub online?

To view a PDF with step-by-step instructions, click here.

What is a Global Cash Card?

A Global Cash Card is a debit card that allows those who cannot/choose not to have a bank account to still have their pay check deposited and available to use on pay day.

What time is my money available on my card?

Funds should be available on your card no later than noon on your payday. If you do not receive your deposit by that time, please contact YES Payroll at (801)298-9377.

I locked myself out of my account/I can’t remember my password or username.

Unfortunately, Your Employment Solutions cannot reset your account or username or password. To do that, please contact Global Cash Card Customer Service at (866)395-9200.

My paystubs aren’t available yet, what can I do?

Paystubs are uploaded up to one week after your deposit. If you need your paystub sooner than that, please contact any of our offices and we can print your paystubs whenever you need.

I click to view my paystubs/W-2 and it says it’s blank.

Some mobile browsers are not able to view the paystubs or W-2s without the installation of an Adobe Reader app. If you’re having issues, you can view them on a desktop browser, or install an Adobe Reader app to view on your mobile device. You’re also welcome to come into our office and we can print it off for you.

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