Pre-Employment Test Drive

A “Pre-Employment Test Drive” by Your Employment Solutions lets employers “try out” a Job Applicant prior to offering him/her a permanent (direct hire) position with their company.

1. You locate and interview Job Applicants. Not sure if you should hire? Set up a Pre-Employment Test Drive.

2. You use the Hourly Bill Rate negotiated and we will charge you that rate.

3. You tell us about a Job Applicant you wish to “try out.”

4. We hire your Job Applicant as our employee. We take care of all employment paperwork and/or orientations

5. We handle the employer taxes, insurance, background checks, drug tests, time sheets, payroll, E-verify legal form, W-2’s etc.

6. You approve our employee's weekly time sheet (for the work they've done in your location).

7. We invoice you weekly and attach the approved time sheet

8. You decide whether your Job Applicant has passed or failed their pre-employment test drive.


Do you want more information, or just want to bounce a few questions off of us? Just fill out the form below – we're happy to help!

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