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4 Reasons Why Employment Agencies are GOOD for Business!

Imagine this.

You search for work using many different job boards and are called in for a job interview. You show to your interview only to find out that you are actually being interviewed by an employment agency.

In my early years this actually happened to me and I was very confused on what was going on. The employment agency did a great job educating me on how the process works. I was impressed how one interview could possibly open the doors for many job opportunities.

Now that I am actually working for an employment agency I am able to see how they work from the inside and I believe job seekers are better off using employment agencies and I would like to share four of those reasons with you.

1. Employment Agencies Save You Time!

An Employment agency usually has multiple clients (businesses that are hiring) that could be a viable option for the jobseeker. Rather than taking weeks putting in your applications all over town, take one day with multiple employment agencies and let them help you find employment.

2. Employment Agencies Offer Zero to Low Cost

It doesn’t usually cost you more than your time to sign up and use an employment agency. Years ago, history showed that in order for a jobseeker to be placed by an employment agency, employees had to pay an upfront fee or take a wage cut to pay for the services.

This is no longer the case. It costs you nothing to apply to multiple job opportunities at once!

3. Employment Agencies Have a Stake in Your Success

Many dollars (part of the above-mentioned costs) are spent to find good quality candidates and many dollars are spent finding good quality companies. Match making the employee to employer takes many hours of preparation, interviews, and testing.

In addition, many employment agencies will also help re-write resumes to help the jobseeker make a positive impression with the employer in a possible job opportunity. Employment agencies work hard to ensure both parties are satisfied.

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4. Your Employment Negotiators!

Employment agencies are basically your personal agent. If you have issues with your placement, benefits, salary, or just have simple questions, employment agencies do all the dirty work for you.

Again, at Your Employment Solutions, we believe it is important that both employer and employee are satisfied.  We work hard to match jobseekers with the right employers so that we create a win-win situation for everyone.

Employment Agencies are certainly not for everyone, but they are a fantastic option for finding temporary work and permanent placements positions.

Reed Laws
Your Employment Solutions

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Reed Laws

Reed Laws is the president of Your Employment Solutions. His business passion for the past 18 years has been helping to make Your Employment Solutions the finest staffing agency in Utah.

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