My Thoughts on Finding the Right Job and Being Prepared to Work

So I have been doing something thinking (which I sometimes have too much time to think) but I think this is important to say, “When it comes to work, one size does not fit all!”

What does that mean? Just because there is a job available does not always mean it is the right job for you.

While it is true there are some general labor jobs out there that almost anyone can perform, most jobs come with specific requirements that employers provide.

For example, we often hire for heavy-duty manufacturing jobs that require a worker who is physically fit and can regularly lift 70 lbs or more — this job might not be the best fit for someone like Frodo at the end of the Lord of the Rings who can barely lift a 2 ounce piece of jewelry.

Another example might be a job that requires the worker to assemble pieces that seem smaller than a grain of sand — a job like this would be a better fit for someone with nimble fingers and close attention to detail — as opposed to someone like the Incredible Hulk.

As a recruiter at Your Employment Solutions I want to get you out to work. I want you making money, helping your individual and family lives. Your ability to work is important to me, as it is to you. But I also want to make sure I put you in a job in which you can adequately perform. A job that matches your skills and abilities. A job that you will be happy in.

How to Apply at YES

The job application process at Your Employment Solutions is very simple. The best thing you can do when applying is make sure you have everything you need before you come to meet with us!

So here’s a short list of what to bring:

  • Two forms of ID.
    • That means a Social Security Card, Permanent Resident Card, a state issued Drivers License/ID Card, Employment Authorization Card, USA Passport/Passport Card or a Birth Certificate. We need two of these forms that way to ensure everyone is eligible to work.
  • Resume or Work History.
  • Personal references.


Another way to make sure you are prepared to work is making sure you have reliable transportation. Not everyone needs to own a car, but it is good rule of thumb to be clear on how you are going to get to and from work every day.

And my opinion is if you are considering walking to work, reconsider it. In my experience walking as a form of commute rarely works out long-term, and eventually you will give out and stop showing to work. If you can’t get there by means of a vehicle or public transportation, then that is probably not best the job for you at the moment.

For more on this subject, please see my previous post on job locations.

Using a tool like Google Maps is great way to find out beforehand how feasible travel is to and from a specific location. Most mapping tools will show walking, driving, and public transportation options to help you plan.

In Summary

There is a great author and all-around business guy out there named Jim Collins. One of his more well-known books is called Good to Great. My favorite portion in the book is when he is describing the working world. In essence he says, it takes more than just the right people to be successful at work, the right people need to be in the right spot.

As I said at the start, when it comes to work one size does not fit all, but when we do find that right job for you, lets make sure you are in the right spot.

My goal is to be able to help you to do just that.

Eric Selfridge
Account Manager | Salt Lake Office
Your Employment Solutions

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Eric Selfridge

Eric is an account manager and recruiter at Your Employment Solutions. He specializes in helping people find good jobs in Utah. You can find him at the YES Salt Lake office.

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