Feeling the Pressures of Production?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If there is one common misconception when you start a new production job it’s the thought that everyone feels they have to be as fast and as good as everyone else from day one. This is not true, nobody expects you to be fast from the get-go. There are those out there that feel everyone is expecting them to be fast and to get the job done, again, this is not true. What you are experiencing are the “Pressures of Production.”

Yes, you will see how fast the line goes. Yes, people will be stressed. Yes, there are people out there that don’t know how to handle that stress. I can offer you one solution…


Take your time and be patient with yourself.

Here are the 3 simple ways that I have found work best on how to deal with these types of pressures:

worry about what you can control1. Worry About What’s in Your Control.

The issue with most new hires, when they start, is they are worrying about things that are out of their control. Things like “what is everyone else thinking about me?” or, “What do I do if the machine goes down?” and, “What time is break?”

The list can go on, and on. Just slow down and focus on what YOU can control. Essentially, it comes down to 2 things: your attitude towards the job and your attendance. Even if you’re an amazing worker WHEN you’re at work, if your attendance is terrible… you won’t be there long. Then, make sure you are happy to be at work and take on additional training/criticisms with a good attitude. Use it to make yourself better.

don't compare2. Avoid Comparisons.

It’s very easy to look at everyone, even those starting with you, and say “I wish I was as fast as them.” or, “Why am I not catching on as quick as them?” Don’t do that to yourself. I have seen people succeed in the first week and others that took a month or so to get something down, but the DID get it down. Understand that there is a learning curve and you need to only worry about how YOU are handling that curve.

Frustration, stress, and fatigue will all play into that. Expect them to. It’s a new job and you’re learning new things. As they say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Unless you don’t like lemonade, then make something else, there is a lot you can do with lemons.

The best part is, IT’S UP TO YOU!! The best thing (in my opinion) that you can do is get with your Supervisor and see where you’re succeeding, as well as where you’re lacking. Try to make a game plan on how to best handle those struggles and push forward. Remember, you can only worry about yourself. Don’t EVER worry about anyone else.

leave it at work3. Don’t Bring it Home With You.

Out of the 3 suggestions I’ll give you, this one means the most to me. There is a reason you have a shift, don’t bring the pressures home on your off-hours. Enjoy time with your family. Go do something to help clear your head. Whatever helps you relax an unwind. Some people like going outside and shooting a ball around. Some like to play video games while others maybe prefer a hike. Or, if you’re name is Eric Nelson, you might prefer to run to St. George, Utah and back just for kicks and giggles.

The nice thing is that you control what you get to do in those moments. Take advantage of that time and make sure you know the #1 rule of personal time: DON’T THINK ABOUT WORK. Everyone needs that time away.

Know that you’re not alone. When you’re at work you have a team at your back that wants to help you succeed and cares about you as a person. Use that team to the best of your abilities. Understand that people have bad days, so if you happen to work with someone that’s experiencing one, make sure you help them out and be there for them. As you all know, a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

Remember to worry about what’s in YOUR control, avoid comparisons, and don’t bring work home with you. All-in-all, that will make your job that much more enjoyable.

Chris Walker
On-Site Manager | Ogden, Utah
Your Employment Solutions

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Chris Walker

Chris is an on-site manager at Your Employment Solutions where he helps staff current openings for one of our Ogden area clients and works to provide superior customer service.

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