How Working in Staffing Can Make You More Valuable

There are many reasons why people go to staffing agencies when searching for employment. Many people lose their jobs and view staffing agency work as a quick solution. Others simply are just looking for something temporary and view the agency as a place they can get temporary relief from. What some people don’t realize is the fact that working in a staffing agency may actually be making them more valuable.

staffing agency make you valuableHow is it that working for a staffing agency can make you more valuable?

Well when you accept different assignments whether it is something temporary or long-term, you are gaining experience. It may or may not be in the field that you want to work on long-term, but in the long run you are becoming a more knowledgeable person. Many employers seek individuals who have a variety of skills and assets. The more knowledge and experience you have, the more valuable, well-rounded, and employable you become. It looks good on your resume when other employers see the abilities and exposure you have been in.

Staffing connects you to more than a job

Another reason is the fact that you are getting making connections and networking. When you meet people and you have a positive connection with them you will know that you can count on them for a reference when seeking for another job. Connecting with someone can open the doors to many opportunities. An introduction to a new field or growth within the company. Maybe a job you apply for down the road requires references. When you have someone that works in a relatable field recommending you, your chances of getting the position you desire increase.

You never want to burn your bridges in the workplace. One never knows when you will need a letter of recommendation or possibly even employment in the future from the same company. It is always great to know that you can rely on something if you are in need.

Temporary doesn’t mean you should job hop

Although an agency you work with can make you more valuable, you also have to remember and be careful not to job hop. Staying committed to a job and being reliable is very important in the workplace. It can also discourage employers from hiring you when they notice that you have been to multiple positions in a short period of time. You do not want to be the person with 8 different jobs in a period of 1 year. It shows that you cannot be reliable and most companies want someone they can count on to do the job.

In conclusion, becoming more valuable and employable depends on your reliability and yourself. The opportunity is given to you when you work with a staffing agency, but It is up to you to take advantage and look for advancement and growth if you want to be successful.

Irvin Lopez
Account Manager | West Valley City, Utah Staffing Office
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Irvin Lopez

Irvin is an account manager at the Your Employment Solutions North Salt Lake, Utah staffing office. He helps connect jobseekers to good Utah jobs.

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