Utah’s Best Staffing Professionals are Part of the YES Team!

This month’s YES Employee Spotlight is fairly new to the crew, but has been an excellent addition to the team – Randon Dyreng!

Thank You Randon Dyreng | YES May 2021 Spotlight

Randon is our newest On-Site Manager in an entirely new region for YES – Gunnison, Utah. We have been given the opportunity to staff for a family owned group of companies in the area and hiring Randon was a no-brainer! Randon is born and raised in the area and came to us with a great education and some previous experience as a job coach and trainer. He knows the area like the back of his hand and jumped right in to this position. Randon has been doing such a great job and we are extremely grateful to have him on the team and showing us the ways of Central Utah.

We asked Randon to answer 11 questions about work and life. Here’s what he had to say:

1. Five things you enjoy.
I enjoy writing poems/stories.  I enjoy spending time outdoors.  I like hiking, rappelling, snowboarding, wakeboarding, hunting, fishing and spending time with my family. 

2. Three things you don’t.
I can’t think of anything that I don’t enjoy. 

3. What do you like most about working at YES?
I feel valued working for YES.  I have never been treated so good and felt so valued in any other job. There are a hundred other reasons why I like working for YES but that is the biggest reason.

4. What do you think would make YES better?
I honestly can’t think of anything that could make YES better.

5. If you could meet anyone, who?
If I could have met anyone it would be Teddy Roosevelt. I like his values, his leadership–plus he liked to hunt. 

6. Your favorite place in the world.
My favorite place in the world is Bunbury, Australia. I also really enjoy being in the mountains east of Gunnison. 

7. You grew up on a farm and your work ethic shows it. What was/is your favorite and least favorite parts about farm life?
I absolutely loved growing up on a farm. My favorite part was the harvest. I loved cutting the hay and harvesting the corn. My least favorite part–we milked 850 cows. I didn’t like my clothes and my Bronco smelling like cow manure. My grandpa always said that it smelled like money but I had never smelled money like that! 

8. What is the number one challenge you face in your job?
The number one challenge that I face in my job is getting enough people in the office to fill positions.  We had a lot of traffic flow early in the year and now it is more challenging. 

9. What do you think is the best way to meet that challenge?
We recently hosted a job fair at Christensen Arms, I really think that this will help people in the community to see the jobs and employment opportunities available.  I am hoping to generate a lot of foot traffic and to set a lot of interviews. 

10. What would you tell someone looking into working with YES?
If someone was looking into working with YES I would tell them that working with YES would be the best decision that they could ever make.  The leadership training that I have received has positively affected every aspect of my life. 

11. We also know you like hunting and so does YES CEO, Tom Carlin. If Tom were to hire you to take him on a guided hunt anywhere in the world, where would you choose, what animal would you be hunting, and why did you choose those? How do you think Tom would do?
If Tom hired me to take him on a guided hunt anywhere in the world I would go Africa. We would hunt greater kudu. The spiral horns on the greater kudu look so cool. I think it would be way neat to see greater kudu in their own environment. Tom would do so awesome. I saw the buck he took last year and I know that greater kudu wouldn’t be able to outrun Tom. 

Thanks for all that you do for YES and our Gunnison clients, Randon. You are amazing!

Alison Evans
Human Resources Manager
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