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Welcome to the YES blog, today I’m going to talk about why Your Employment Solutions is different from some of those other employment agencies you might have worked with. I hope to give you a better understanding of who YES is, and why YES is your best choice for jobs in Utah. In fact, if you check out the above video, Kerry Westenskow – the vice president of Your Employment Solutions – will explain it you quite nicely!

What Your Employment Solutions Does

Your Employment Solutions is a staffing company and a full-service employment agency.

On the most basic level, Your Employment Solutions helps people find good jobs in Utah. We help our customers and our clients to find the right people to work with – both as an employee and an employer.

Our company’s mission statement is to deliver the right people, on time, the first time. We strive to make this a reality in every job we fill.

Your Employment Solutions was founded in 1995 in North Salt Lake, Utah. Interestingly enough, it actually started from a moving and storage company.

Kerry Westenskow (now the Vice President of Your Employment Solutions as I mentioned) was one of YES’s original employees. He had worked for YES for about six months when he first met his current business partner and company President, Reed Laws.

A couple years later, in 1999, Kerry and Reed joined forces and bought the company. The two of them have made it their passion to to transform Your Employment Solution into the finest staffing agency in Utah.

Regarding the beginnings, Kerry says, “When we began we built YES on a couple principles. All we knew is that we needed to find the right person for our clients, and that we needed to have outstanding service.”

With that in mind, Kerry and Reed set Your Employment Solutions up to truly customize its services to fit the needs of its clients.

Kerry explains, “When we meet a client, we sit down with them to find out what their needs are to create efficiencies and a better overall relationship.”

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Why Your Employment Solutions Does What It Does

“The more I help others succeed, the more I succeed.”

What a powerful statement, right?

At YES we believe in helping others. We are all about helping people become successful in hiring and working Utah jobs. That statement comes true in what YES does as an employment agency.

It’s hidden in plain sight in the company’s name. Your Employment Solutions offers YOU an employment solution. Whether you’re a business or a jobseeker, YES has an answer for you!

As we properly credential and prepares the employees that we send to our clients – to make sure that they are the right fit – the better we are able to strengthen relationships with our clients.

But not only with our clients, as YES also works to strengthen our relationship with that potential employee because he or she will remember Your Employment Solutions for truly trying to help them find meaningful employment.

Cheers to YES!
Eric Nelson
Marketing Manager
Your Employment Solutions

“I help connect Utah jobseekers to Utah jobs.”


P.S. Be sure to visit our Utah job board!

Eric Nelson

Eric is the director of marketing at Your Employment Solutions. He helps connect Utah jobseekers to great Utah jobs. He loves running, going to movies, eating sushi, and then running some more.

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